RMZ - Parent Testimonials

“Mothers should not have to choose between their career and children”
“Mothers should not have to choose between being ambitious and embracing motherhood”
Are these not every working mother’s concerns?
When you find a day care embodying these as its founding principles, it gives a sense of satisfaction-to begin with, and then comes the actual experience.
Anahita started at Vivero at the age of 14 months. Returning back to work post maternity break, my intention was to provide her a safe and hygienic environment away from home with efficient care givers.
Vivero was an oblivious choice -since it was in the office premises-which I am happy to have made. At Vivero, the day is very well planned for these kids. The activities chalked out for the children help channelize their inquisitive brains. The weekly notes shared with the parents make us a part of their routine.
It’s fun to be a part of events organized at Vivero.
“A Smile on our Child’s face is what we as parents yearn for, and Vivero is helping spread many such smiles!”
- Mansee Nalwade, Manager - Morgan Stanley

I have enrolled my daughter in Vivero International – Toddler Care Program, when she was 18 months old. That’s when I decided to get back to work post my maternity break. Deciding on the right day care was a huge decision for us. Our main concern was that she would be showed love, care, and protection and treated like one of their own.
In Vivero, my daughter was always greeted by the staff with warmth, caring and open arms. They helped her to adjust to their new environment showing her constant patience, understanding and kindness. The transition period was very difficult for me as well as for her. I was the nervous mom dropping her off. But as the days and month have gone by; I was put at ease as they have settled her, allowing me to return to work confident that my baby is cared for, protected, nurtured and loved.
Teachers and co-ordinator in Toddler Care and not to forget other two caretakers, are very loving and caring. Centre Head was always available for discussion and was very good at giving assurance on wellbeing of my daughter. Teachers always listen to my concerns and let me check in on her a million times a day without making me feel like an over protective first-time mother! When I arrive to pick my daughter, the staff always make time to tell me the little details about my daughter’s day - who they may have played with, what she had in lunch and breakfast, new skills learnt and simply just the kind of day she have had.
I could never have imagined that being a mother, I would be comfortable with others taking care of my child. Thank you Vivero – whole Toddler Care Staff and Centre Head for giving my girl a wonderful home away from home. Best wishes always!
- Hinal Shah, Mother of Vihaa Shah, Toddler Care

Amazing event. Great efforts to organize and manage the game/activities. Enjoyed thoroughly!!
Thanks a lot.
- Pratik Nalwade and Manse Tamhane, Parents of Anahita Pratik Nalwade - Child care

“It was a lovely and unique experience. Each room was done up so beautifully with a wonderful learning. We enjoyed it as much as Kyrah did. Out of class learning is the best!”
- Kenny and Dipti Punjabi, Parents of Kyrah Punjabi - Nursery

“Great Event conducted on Saturday “Adventure Awaits”.
Great round of Appreciation for all the teachers, Support Staff, Bhanu, Madhuri and other school management for the concept.
One note that I specifically wish to bring down here - is the use of all the waste products or the reusable items to make an event like this a success, no printouts or any ready products were used from outside. The entire team themselves put all the effort to create and design the corners for this event and made it very special.
Great Effort!
- Deepali Jain, Mother of Purvik Jain - Nursery

This is a little note of thanks for the efforts Vivero puts in towards making my child’s school experience a happy one.
I really appreciate both the teachers of Pre Nursery.
A Special mention to Ms. Rashmi Agarwal who puts in hearteous efforts towards the students. She is very patient, responsible and responsive too. My child looks forward to school every day, thanks to the affection and bonding she has developed with Rashmi.
I consider her disposition and her willingness to go an extra mile great boosters for my child’s growth. You have a really good teacher in your team.
Thanks for creating a warm and joyous ‘first’ school environment for my child.
- Anupama Sharma, Mother of Swadha Sharma - Pre Nursery