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Vivero International’s goal is to aid in the holistic development and to bring out the best, in every child. Our world class learning platform draws from the best pedagogical guidelines and philosophies from the world’s leading educational institutions including Reggio Emillia, Uk Early Learning goals and the IB PYP program.

Our Purpose

Vivero International is committed to shaping responsible, global citizens and passionate lifelong learners who are prepared for the 21st century.

Our Offerings

Vivero's core domains of learning include Literacy, Numeracy, Creative Development, Physical Development, Knowledge & Understanding of the World and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
The iLearn@Vivero platform combines online sessions and home activities to support this progression.

iLearn@Vivero brings to you a bouquet of exciting co-curricular activities. Thrice a week, children will be engaged in thirty minutes of specially curated activities of Music, Dance and Spanish to name a few. The super charged co-curricular program is designed to meet age appropriate benchmarks in your child's development.

Vivero@Home complements our academic iLearn@Vivero program by providing a set of rich learning activities that children can engage with or without parents, any time, any day, in the comfort of their homes. The program covers the domains of literacy, numeracy and coding.

A comprehensive programme that extends the child’s understanding of things beyond their regular Learning goals. The programme encourages children to investigate their environment, interpret their learnings and revel in the joy of self-discovery & problem-solving.
The program provides a thoughtfully designed arena that introduces children to a mixed peer group to enable natural social-interaction. This way, children are able to work on developing the essential socio-emotional skills of collaboration, conflict-resolution, empathy and impulse control.
The challenging yet exciting ‘Project based learning' approach allows Children to take charge of their learnings as they go about doing their own exploration and investigation to reach satisfying solutions.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Heightened focus on factors such as new hygiene norms, age-appropriateness and optimal screen time
  • Popular 21st century initiatives including Entrepreneurship programme interwoven into the curriculum
  • Best early years educators formerly restricted to specific regions are made available to children pan-India
  • Virtual home visits by teachers, prior to the commencement of the online sessions, to ease transition
  • Smaller groups for a rich peer-to-peer interaction
  • Regular updates, one on one parent-teacher sessions and more
  • A parent-teacher app to manage the online classes, receive lesson plans, share photos, videos and assignments, track attendance and more

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