Child Care Programme

An advanced day care programme to ensure that the child receives high-quality care along with age-appropriate, responsive and stimulating learning experiences.

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Our Key Features

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Our Reggio
inspired Curriculum

At Vivero, we have been strongly inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Our vision of the child as a competent leader has led to a strong child directed curriculum. Children are encouraged to learn about themselves and the world around them through investigation and discovery.

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Safety Security and

Vivero provides children with much more than a safe and secure environment. Here each child feels comfortable to explore, discover, challenge and understand their physical worlds without fear. To us a child’s health & safety are of prime importance.

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Experienced Teachers

At Vivero, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our teachers. We seek out individuals with a love for children, a passion for learning and an ability to teach, supported by professional qualifications and experience.u

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21st Century Learner

It is imperative that global citizens of tomorrow come equipped with evolved mindsets, knowledge and skills to flourish in the constantly evolving world. Our new initiatives facilitate holistic learning experiences for the 21st century learner.

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Learning in the

Atelier is an intentionally designed environment that provides a variety of provocations by means of design, display, materials and images. They are designed to give children time, information, inspiration and materials so that they can effectively express.

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While our work is rewarding it is always a delight when organizations recognize and appreciate our work.

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Our Testimonials

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    “There’s a remarkable improvement in our son’s writing, reading and cognitive skills with the iLearn sessions.Our child was lazy when it came to writing, numbers and alphabet. With the virtual K2 sessions, he has shown a particular liking towards writing to an extent that he expresses his feelings through ‘Sorry’ and ‘Love You’ cards.He has progressed to 3 and 4 letters reading and writing in a short span of time. This is because of the efforts of his teacher who is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. I am so happy to see him read on his own. He loves reading & exploring new books. And is happy that he can now read and write without his mom’s help! Besides the online session I have seen him enjoy doing his homework for the first time. He is much more confident and curious! Another initiative worth appreciating is the one on one session,the student has with his teacher. This not only helps the teacher understand and help the student clear his doubts but also helps in bonding ,parents too can communicate their doubts at the same time. Thank you!”
    – Anagha & Harshal Mehekare, Parents of Aarav Mehekare, K2
    Parents of Anahi Sharma
    "It was our first time- enrolling Alishhka in preschool so we were nervous at first. But all our apprehensions were put to rest by her Preschool teacher at Vivero.
    The teacher is incredible and she soon made us feel comfortable with the iLearn program. Our daughter is so excited every morning about the online school sessions and waits for her new friends and enthusiastically participates in the various activities. She's becoming more social and building up communication skills each day. The atmosphere and the learning environment is so optimal where each child gets individual attention. We are very thankful to the principal, for providing a staff that truly cares about and loves my child. We could think of no better place to give my child a head start in life."
    – Rashmi & Sunny Kothari, Parents of Alishhka Kothari, Pre-Nursery
    “Thank you for conducting such an interactive PTM.
    I see my child writing, reading and pronouncing first unit alphabets along with numbers as well and Inaaya prefers to do it all on her own. Thank you very much for your efforts towards developing crucial skills such as communication and expression and making the virtual sessions so interesting and engaging for children.
    As parents we contribute to the learning by making them follow the daily routine suggested and aligning to the learning goals set by the school. This has been made possible by the teacher with a correct approach and methodology.
    I appreciate that Vivero and its faculty are taking great efforts to ensure the child’s progress, specially the nursery children who are new to writing and reading. It’s wonderful to see how they are being given a regular school environment via i-Learn.”
    – Ruchika Sharma, Mother of Inaaya, Nursery
    Mother of Prisha, Kindergarten 1
    "It’s nice to have online classes every day. Prisha really likes her teacher and she seems happy to attend these classes every day. She thoroughly enjoys activities like dancing, show & tell, sensory play etc. Thank you for your efforts & for these wonderful sessions every day.”
    – Akarsha Mishra, Mother of Prisha, Vivero International, Kharadi
  • user
    “I like to come to VIVERO School because I like to play with my friends in the garden. I like my teacher because she makes us do lots of fun study. I like to do lots of colouring. I will miss the VIVERO School.”
    – Nivritti Bhartia, Vivero International, Sarjapur
    “I like the books I read at school because when I read the books sometimes there are big-big words and when I try to read I can read them.”
    - Vishwam Dube, Vivero International, Powai
    “I like my school because all the teachers are nice to me and they give me stars when i do something nice.I love my K1 and K2 Classroom. My teachers let me draw with so many colours and paint. My school has so many lights and it looks very beautiful.”
    - Riyan Shetty, Vivero International, HSR
    “I like playing with my school friends”
    - Biyank Reddy, Vivero International, Indiranagar
    “In Vivero International, there is a big aquarium with so many fish. And a tank with two turtles, I love animals and fish. I like my school because my teachers let me play with the fish and turtles. I will Miss my school because I am going to Greenwood High. And I will also miss the fish.”
    - Rang Narula, Vivero International, HSR
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    “As I strongly believe in life as a continuous learning process, it is truly made possible at Vivero which gives an opportunity to be creative and flexible in the way I work and to showcase my versatility through its curriculum. I can see myself grow as a teacher each and every day at Vivero. I am really thankful to my cooperating colleagues and understanding Ms. Janhavi Hari who is always there for us, easily approachable and gives a true sense of belonging at our Vivero. I feel proud to be a part of an organization where everything demonstrates integrity and excellence!”
    - Deepti Bansal, Core Teacher - Vivero International, Sarjapur
    “It’s been almost 2 years of learning, discovering and self-realization since I started working with Vivero. Being with very young minds and exploring their infinite possibilities has been a truly amazing experience for me. These beautiful souls have taught me how important it is to forgive and forget. Interacting and working along with the wonderful co-teachers, didis and School Heads towards a common goal - children, has been very uplifting for me as a teacher. Thank you Vivero for a very fruitful couple of years.”
    - Aparna Kulkarni, Core Teacher - Vivero International, Magarpatta
    “I have been working with the Edvance group since Jan- 2016 and I could not ask for a better preschool to teach. I have enjoyed teaching the children as well as learning from them. I am proud to be a teacher here because Vivero is concerned with the growth and achievement of every single child. Edvance is a second home where I feel welcome and appreciated.”
    - Sapna Prabhu, Core Teacher - Vivero International, Magarpatta
    “Vivero International Pre-school cares about meeting the overall needs of all its children. Because of this, it believes in providing extensive support, development, and encouragement for all its teachers. Strong teachers beget strong children. At Vivero, teachers are given all they need to develop and perfect their craft, while meeting the needs of the children they are so passionate about. In my first year as a teacher, I have never felt unsupported or alone; there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice.”
    - Sejal Vaja, Core Teacher - Vivero International, Magarpatta
    “With being a Vivero teacher for only a couple of months, I have been so amazed and impressed with the organization! I feel connected to my team, communicated to and well informed. The organization is professional, committed to growth and learning, and treats its employees with the utmost respect and enthusiasm. I truly believe in my school's philosophy and way of learning and mentoring young minds. It’s definitely a happy place for me and the children coming here.”
    - Jovita Alexander, Associate Teacher - Vivero International, Magarpatta

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