Pune - Wakad

Pune - Wakad

Vivero International Preschool & Child Care, Wakad, is a secure and comfortable preschool located in a standalone commercial building. Spread over 6,000 sq feet, this expansively laid-out school has thoughtfully demarcated sections for preschool and child care.

Large and spacious classrooms and well-ventilated spaces enable inquiry-based learning. Ample natural light and state of the art infrastructure gives our children at Vivero the most conducive environment to achieve our purpose of shaping lifelong learners.

Along with the infrastructure, we have unique Ateliers to enhance learning experiences for our children. The ateliers at Vivero Wakad are multi-dimensional; for example, elements of Mirrors and Patterns come together in the atelier which promotes problem solving, creativity, curiosity and self-awareness.

To inculcate the basics of work experience, we encourage our children to plant and maintain a herb garden in the school premises.

Children will also be able make the most of their outdoor time and build on their physical skills at the exclusive F1 Track

The Music studio is equipped with a Casio used by the Music teacher and various child appropriate instruments like shakers and tambourines. The Art Atelier is filled with materials that encourage creative development.

The Science atelier has an OHP which children tinker with, while the cozy Library has books appropriate for all ages. The concept of “Tech Studio” facilitates learning with developmentally appropriate devices such as i-pads.

Regular music sessions, foreign language introduction, sports and fitness classes are conducted for children by professionals as a part of the robust school routine.

The school has an entire wing dedicated for Child Care, which boasts a well-planned curriculum to ensure that the children are engaged in constructive activities apart from enjoying the ‘homely’ environment. At Vivero, Wakad parents are certain of their child’s growth, happiness and all-round development.

Mohini P - School head
Mohini P – School Head

Ms. Mohini is a Sales and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, specializing in Parent Counselling for both schools and corporates. With 9+ years dedicated to pre-school parent counselling, she is a trusted expert and parenting coach.

She believes it is essential to be Empathetic to be a great Human and to be Compassionate to be a great Woman.She is a people’s person & believes in working collaboratively with teachers and parents to understand and address their needs effectively.

Ms. Mohini believes ethics with loyalty and honesty is a phenomenal virtue to build relationships. She is ingrained with a fact that only trust and love can help children feel safe and belonged.