Sarjapur - Parent Testimonials

Aahan Sharma - Sarjapur - Parent Testimonial

I would like to say thanks and appreciate the efforts put in by the team at Vivero Sarjapur across all levels. All of you have kept the momentum and the learning curve going on even through these times of the pandemic.
While each one of us is struggling to survive and trying to swim across uncertain waters, you and your team have been prompt, innovative and excellent with the way you set up the new online platform. I was initially reluctant to opt-in for the virtual sessions for Aahan, but, to my surprise, it came out to be a really good decision that helped all of us and our little ones tremendously.
I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Aahan's class teachers for all their endless efforts to ensure that online learning is possible and productive for early years. I personally am very impressed with the class teacher's way of teaching and the manner in which she helped kids to adapt to the new normal. After only a few months of struggle, Aahan's class teacher along with his mother-Dimple managed to break some part of Aahan's reluctance towards distance learning. And now, I can see that Aahan has gained a lot of knowledge from the sessions, aided by his mother's effort of replicating the sessions in the evenings. Both of the guru's have indeed put in a lot of effort into Aahan's development.
- Deepak & Dimple, Parents of Aahan Sharma, K1

Vaishnavi C Sarjapur Parent Testimonials

"Vivero team did an Amazing job getting virtual online learning with impressive speed and with a minimum fuss after the abrupt closure of schools. I’m so grateful that my daughter, Vaishnavi, is enjoying the ilearn classes & learning in multidimensional approach .Thank you to all the teachers, mentors, and support staff members who have been so kind, understanding, and encouraging to my daughter." - Rhitika Surit, Mother of Vaishnavi Choudary, Kindergarten 1

Naksh - Sarjapur

In this one of lifetime situation when we are taking time to adjust to “new normal” can’t even imagine how our little humans are going through when one fine day they are not allowed to go outdoors, play with friends, go to school, learn new things while playing and most importantly driving cars in traffic park😀 At home, however we try, but teachers and friends are irreplaceable. When Vivero just in time started online sessions for the little ones and can’t express in words how much happy Naksh was seeing his friends and favourite teacher on screen after many many days.Now it has become our schedule to get ready with toys and art work of the week to meet friends and his teacher Naksh enjoys singing rhymes (specially hurry hurry ride the fire truck and wheels on the bus), talking to friends and to show them something new he learnt during the week. I would like to say big thank you for taking efforts and arranging online sessions for kids. These sessions cannot replace actual school classes but surely does give feeling to little ones that their friends are just a call away and they are motivated to do something new and learn something. - Dhara Desai, Mother of Naksh Desai, Prenursery

Saathwik - Sarjapur

I truly hope that all the school staff, the teachers, the kids, and their families are safe amidst these tough circumstances. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude, and appreciate the efforts taken by the school, as well as the teachers for keeping the students truly engaged through numerous initiatives. The online classes as well as exercise sheets shared have been immensely helpful to keep my child really cruise through this phase well. Different activities such as reusing paper or making a lemonade clearly brings the creativity elements out as well as keeps the value system intact. Overall, it drives a holistic positive mindset with the child as well as their families, basis my personal experience. Once again, would like to say 2 words loud - 'THANK YOU! - Shivani, Mother of Saatvik Chauhan , Kindergarten 2

Nadia - Sarjapur

When we visited the Vivero Sarjapur campus we were excited and knew that this was exactly the kind of learning environment we wanted Nadia to be exposed to. However with Covid-19, our plans to enroll her didn't fall through. When Vivero told us about iLearn @ Vivero sessions, we were apprehensive as anything with a screen is opposed to the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Skeptical, we allowed Nadia to sit through a few classes to see if she was able to handle the virtual class. Not only did she sit through the class, she also engaged with the concepts being taught. After enrolling Nadia for iLearn we noticed that she talks about her teacher every day, asks for her if she's not there and has also learnt the names of her classmates. The sessions have helped her grasp the understanding of shapes and colours and numbers. Our daughter also enjoys the CCA classes, the culinary one being her favourite! While the online classes have stopped, her learning hasn't, with the teachers continuing to help Nadia learn through activities and worksheets. Nadia misses her teacher and classmates - even though she's never met them before! - Ben Mathew and Roshini Mathew, Parents of Nadia Mathew, Nursery

Krishanth - Sarjapur

This lockdown is little difficult and different time for all of us. And the kids who got used to their school routine find it very unsettling. Though we do the best we can at the home to keep them busy they sure do miss seeing their friends and Teachers. These are all new for us and it's time to change ourselves and evolve too. Thanks to Vivero team, the school has been brought home. These online classes and the activities given after are the class, are of great help to us. Krish really enjoys his video calls and he looks forward to show his week’s activity to his teacher and friends during the session. Every class the teachers seem to take it a notch higher, especially the last 3 classes. Krish enjoys all the online and offline activities (fireless cooking, show and tell, season related dress up activity, and the story time). He gets inspired from the class and his friend's activity he continues to do it at home in his own creative way. I see a lot of improvement in him in every class and after at home too. Having zoom call for such a small children I understand the practical difficulties that come with it but the teachers are handling it amazingly well. I really appreciate the management and teachers of Vivero Sarjapur who make these online session a great success. Infact as a parent even I am excited too along with my son to see what’s there in pipeline for the next session. Keep up the good work ! - Aishwarya.S, Mother of Krishanth, Pre Nursery

Meghana Bhujwala- Aadhyas Mom - Sarjapur

"Aadhya started Vivero when she was only 18 months old and since then there has been no looking back for her and nor for me. While I had to drop off from work after Aadhya for about a year to meet the mommy needs my daughter had, I feel fortunate to have the framework and the support to be able to follow my dreams as an individual again" - Meghana Bhujwala, Quality Assurance, Amazon India Development Center

Lubna Abkaria - Zainas Mom - Sarjapur

"We became part of the Vivero family this year and I must say our experience has been beyond our expectations. When we met THE School Head and PRM we knew right then that this was going to be Zaina's first school. We resonated so much with the school's Reggio Emilia approach which is completely student-centric and believes in experiential learning.
We are grateful to her amazing teachers who were extremely patient and supportive in her transition. Although Zaina already knew how to speak in broken words, we were so impressed at how she started using full sentences within weeks of starting school and the way she started socializing and making friends.
We look forward to being an integral part of the Vivero family for years to come!" - Lubna Abkaria, Senior Customer Manager, Pramata Knowledge Solutions

Thanks a lot to everyone at Vivero for everything they did for us. Myra started coming to the Child care when she was 2 years old in 2014. For all the 5 years that she came to Vivero(Child care and preschool) we were always confident that she was in safe hands. That assurance let us focus on our jobs. There were numerous occasions when the staff of Vivero went beyond their call of duty to support us and we are indebted for that. We always felt that Vivero hired very good staff at all levels and that is what differentiated it from others. Wish you all a very good luck and continued success!- Manjeet Singh Nagi, Father Of Myra – Child Care

I am a proud mother of two beautiful children, Agamya and Adhrit. We moved to Bangalore couple of years ago, and in these two years, the most consistent and pleasant aspect of our lives has been seeing our kids grow and evolve.
We saw a lot of un-explored talent in our kids, and wanted the right environment, a good balance independent decision-making with inculcating a sense of right and wrong. We are glad to see that balance developing in our kids during their two years at Vivero.
Agamya is a very inquisitive and compassionate child, and we always wanted a school environment which nurtures these traits. We are happy to say that Vivero's learning methodology has encouraged innovation and community-building in her, and has given her an apt platform to broaden her spectrum.
Adhrit is a free bird. He prefers that learning be fun. We are truly thankful to Vivero for their learning methodology that is built on the principle of each child being unique, and for the pleasant approach of the teachers in building curiosity in our child.
The school administration has also been very considerate in introducing customized programs like a short day-care which helps us keep Adhrit at school for just that little bit longer.
I and my husband thank the leadership of Vivero in Bangalore, and especially that of Haralur Road, along with all teachers and staff, who have made every day of school a positive and enriching experience for our kids.
Agamya graduates from Vivero this year to attend Grade 1, and Adhrit continues with Vivero Haralur Road to attend K1. Thanks for being part of our journey and that of our kids. - Paridhi Goyal, Mother of Agamya Goyal and Adhrit Goyal

As an involved parent in my daughter's education, I am extremely delighted with Vivero's efforts to build her scope of knowledge into areas like the environment, anatomy, world cultures etc. through show & tell presentations, projects and field trips. She has also grown in confidence in speech and personal development. I am indebted to the teachers for her progress and believe that their passion and sincerity in their work makes them truly the best a parent could ask for their child.- Stanley Simon, Father of Chelsea Stanley, Kindergarten 2

In 2014 we did not spent a lot of time scouting for school for our younger child Viyaan Agrawal. We chose Vivero because of its teaching methodology, location and infrastructure. We just wanted our little one to have lot of fun and learn something while doing that. The last four years have been transforming for Viyaan and for us as we watched him grow from a zestful toddler to articulate, confident and inquisitive Grade schooler.
Viyaan has spent about 4.5 years in his second home Vivero from the very outset, what delighted us is "care from Heart". That was very important to us as Parents. And Viyaan loved the environment, facilities, pets, ground, the F1 track, Fishes, classrooms, lunch, toys, vans, his brotherhood gang in K2B.. And the list goes on and on. We never thought once to change his school.
Beyond the key skills of reading, writing and building knowledge, I think what Vivero builds is the foundation- a good character and an early compass of right or wrong. And I have no shame in admitting that Viyaan has corrected us multiple times.
We also became an extension of Vivero Family by joining our kids for Movie in Park, Halloween celebrations, Fashion Show, Story times and many more such events which the entire Vivero family worked hard to organize and make them memorable.
It’s said that The First Five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out. Being with Vivero for Viyaan's formative years, we are assured about his future and his contribution to the World.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to entire Vivero Family for nurturing our son, taking outstanding care of him...
We are the loud and Proud Vivero Parents and Vivero Ambassadors. - Amit Agrawal, Father of Viyaan Agrawal , Kindergarten 2

My relation with Vivero is very special which I will always cherish and treasure throughout my life. Vivero has been an integral part of my son’s overall upbringing, not to miss the confidence and the inquisitiveness that comes by default with any Vivero Kid.
Coming from my heart I wrote few lines for Vivero,
When I lost my better half and my world fell apart
Vivero Came to my rescue and became my life’s part
They say “There’s nobody stronger than a single parent”
Vivero made sure it wasn’t just a Saying.
They say “Life doesn’t comes with a manual it comes with a mother”
For my child it also came with never ending love & support from all the teachers and staff.
Be it a Ramp Walk or Movie Date with my Son
Vivero makes sure to give this Visual Treat to Everyone.
Vivero has been instrumental in shaping the formative years for Yohaan.
Be it Knowledge Sharing/Safety Measures/Getting fluent in English, there are many stories which I can share of his transformation in a year.
I would really like to thank for being a solid rock support throughout my journey. Thanks for taking care of my child like your own.
Yohaan’s class teachers Kavya Mam & Poornima Mam I just want to tell you that I am awestruck seeing Yohaan accomplish and grow under your guidance.
A special mention to “Geeta Mam”, I have no words to describe what you mean to me and my child, just a Heartfelt Thanks Mam.
Thanks to Rachna Mam who was the school head in the previous years and made sure I continue with Vivero.
Thanks to the all the teachers & support staff of Vivero who are always spotted smiling giving a message aloud “Smile costs nothing but Create so much”
I would like to end this stating that Vivero in Spanish means where a “Life is Nurtured” and it stands every bit true to its meaning , I see my life my son being nurtured and taken care of very well.
Thanks Vivero, thanks for Everything. - Shweta Jaisinghani, Mother of Yohaan Jaisinghani, Kindergarten 1

When our son Jehan was a toddler, we noticed that he was keen about absorbing, understanding and classifying information. He would pore over complex information sources like field guides and instruction manuals, asking us for the meanings of symbols and pictograms in his own toddler-like way. However, he was in a Montessori where these innate interests were not nurtured, and he started to become withdrawn and diffident.
On meeting with the PRM in Vivero Sarjapur, and on seeing the ethos and vibe of the school, we instantly felt that this was the right place for Jehan. Over the last few months, he has gained a lot of confidence, and for the first time in months loves to sing, dance, and engage in activities like craft and building, along with his previous interests. Vivero teaches a wide range of activities and values, such as gardening, taking care of the environment, respecting community workers, and learning through field trips.
We have seen him regain all his lost confidence (and more!) in a couple of months, and really look forward to the next two years of learning and fun at Vivero for him.- Kadambari Mishra, Mother of Jehan Zacharia, K1, Enrichment Programme and CC

Advika had the most splendid 3 years at Vivero! She has learnt so much and has grown up into a confident little girl! I am sure she will miss Vivero and all her lovely teachers so very much! It’s hard to say good bye to such a lovely school, filled with so much love and warmth!
Advika hopes that she will run into her teacher at Plus point and therefore "never ever miss her!"Thank you dear teachers for being bestest ever for the tiny tots that we handed over to you!- Dhanya & Arun, Parents of Advika, K2

We as parents of VaishnaviDalagar would like to appreciate you for the efforts and creativity in getting children to demonstrate their talent on the stage for Elementos de Tierra. The opportunity provided for parents’ performance on stage infront of our kids was one of the best experiences of my life...thanks for that. The Graduation ceremony....we kept wondering how will it happen...when the children entered the stage in their red attire we were was truly commendable.It has a been an incredible journey for our daughter Vaishnavi...transformation from a shy little girl to a confident and bright shining persona...thanks to the entire team of VIVERO Koramangala and Sarjapur....for all the support and the memories that we will cherish all our lives as a part of parenting.- Veena Vinayak, Mother of Vaishnavi, K2

We would like to congratulate the members of Vivero International School for the wonderful and heart throbbing Annual day event. We were truly thrilled and amazed with the performances of lovely kids. It would never have been possible without the utmost dedication and out of box thinking of the staff. Thank you very much for making it such a memorable event.
Kindly reciprocate our thanks to everyone. - Sudip and Monika, Parents of Harshal Jain

When I moved from Singapore back to India, I knew about Vivero and it was the school of choice given its proximity to my house and affiliation to Eton House, Singapore but I also came with the usual preschool apprehensions of an Indian parent.
Given that my daughter had started school at a very early age, I wanted a school to advance her potentials beyond what she already knew. During my first meeting, the world of Reggio Emilia pedagogy was described and while I put my belief in it, the teachers at Vivero made sure my daughter had the right exposure beyond the curriculum. Today I see her as a smart, wise, inquisitive child with the ability to apply knowledge gained at school. Vivero has been beyond cramming and about applied and methodical learning.
Vivero has also stood out as a safe and hygienic place; the two factors which make most parent so today paranoid about for their kids. One of the many examples is when the other day the Relationship Manager informed me about my daughter putting her hands outside the van window adding that she has explained her why not to do so. Washing hands before and after eating; prompt changing if in a mess, neat and clean rooms and play areas and the child care has opened my kids to healthy living while giving me peace of mind.
While the curriculum and teaching methodology has been impressive, I have been most awed with Miraaya been instilled with respect, kindness, compassion and care for her little brother, her classmates, people, and the environment around her. Teachers are observant and coach the kids to correct themselves by figuring the right way. Not only have they been a guiding force to my children but the teachers have also guided me on how to be a better parent for my little kids and help in their behavioral growth.
I would like to thank Rachna, Janhavi and the teachers for being so welcoming to our suggestions, receptive to changes, for parents’inclusiveness, for all the enriching programs and activities and for just leading from the front.
Vivero has changed our perception of a preschool. Vivero has been an enriching experience for my kids and for us and three months back I had no second thoughts to put my 18-month-old son Mairava in the school.

- Chiti Gaur, Mother of Miraya Sinha, Nursery MP and Mirava Sinha, Pre-nursery LMP

Here is what I have to say-
1) When we look back 9 months ago, we realize that it was definitely a right decision to have Riddhi at Vivero, Sarjapur. It is an utmost joyous feeling to see Riddhi learn and grow well over these many months - it is obvious that most of it came from Vivero.
2) A special thanks toRiddhi's class teachers- they have been supporting Riddhi a lot all this while who in turn does not stop praising them. The teachers have always been compassionate with all the kids even when some have been cranky in early days of settling down.
3) School's administrative staff has been trying to do the best for betterment of logistics, care for children, organizing meaningful events etc. It really means a lot to first time parents like us.
4) Vivero's constant effort to teach good things to children is clearly visible in the way Riddhi talks, carries herself with confidence, sings the rhymes, performs acts etc. If we would continue in Bangalore, we would certainly have her in Vivero for Nursery as well.
5) Last but not least, it was really wonderful to see the affection the care takers and the Van drivers had for Riddhi. Being lovable, this is but obvious, none-the-less, we appreciate their courtesy deeply. A school is certainly not complete and successful without A-class support staff. Good work Vivero and Keep it up....

- Govind & Priya, Riddhi Yadav’s Parents (Pre-nursery)

A round of applause and congratulations to the Vivero Team. Thank you to the School Head, PRM, teachersand every supporting member of Vivero for giving us a memorable annual day.
My son Surya joined nursery just one and a half month back to Vivero.I was worried like any other parent when we choose Vivero. It is our first pre-school experience.I can't believe the amount of growth my son has made at Vivero, he gained confidence and fine tuned his social skills .Every day he comes home with a great smile to share his fun and activities that he experiences at Vivero.
One day,on the way home from school, he noticed few workers at a construction field . Immediately he asked me Mama, why are they not going to school like me and they are working in the hot sun.I was awestruck with his thought process.Everyday we experience many new and fun filled things with my little kiddo. We can see a lot of change in his thought process, socialisingand behaviourskills .
On the annual day, when I went to pick my kiddo back stage, he camerunning to me and said "Mama , I did it . I was not afraid on stage and I didn’t cry at all. I danced and all my friend's parents also clapped for me." He was so happy. His grand-parents too truly enjoyed the annual day event when I told my dad that I wrote a testimonial to Vivero,he specifically told me to include their greetings too. His grand-parents came all the way from Hyderabad only to watch Surya on stage. My heartfelt thanks to the PRM and teachers for being so concerned and reassuring us always that he will be fine. Not the least but Thanks to the helping staff and security staff too.
As soon as we enter Vivero, each day we are greeted by such friendly, engaging and nurturing educators.You people take the time to know each child and their families so that everyone is comfortable,the children and the parents!You provided a warm and loving, safe environment for my child as it is his first foray into the world beyond home. Undoubtedly, he is in loving hands that he trusts.
Finally, I could say Vivero is a place where children are embraced,nurtured and supported along with the curriculum and the great staff which would allow children to excel both academically and personally. I am glad to be a part of the Vivero family. Looking forward to another year experience.Best wishes to the whole team.

- Dr. Soujanya and Dheeraj, Parents of Surya

When at the end of the day I come to school to pick up my son, Nicolas, I often hear him asking me why I came so early. He doesn’t want to pick up his backpack, nor tell me about his day. Not hello mom, not how are you, but can I stay a little longer? Please?
He loves showing me around, proudly showing me the work he had done, his special places, the walls where his art and pictures are hanging, where he had made his mark, where he belongs.
To his teacher, Shelly, and all the Vivero team, who teach and take care of my son every day: I may tell you thanks but you just don’t know what it means to hear my little boy tell me he loves you! This is the same boy who just a year ago told me that he would never go back to school, that he had no friends, and that he would never learn anything. The same boy who told me that no one cared. That same boy who made me move heaven and earth, and the whole of South Bangalore it seems to try to get him a new chance. And that new chance was you. That same boy told me last night that I have to make sure to pack and bring with us to Ireland all of his mini story books because his teacher told him to practice his reading, “And what Shelly mam says means something, mom.”
We may think that a great school is what makes our child love school, but the truth is it is the teachers more than anything. Those teachers we sometimes just expect to love our children, flaws and all. Those teachers we just expect to make it work, to make everyone learn, and to do it with a smile on their face. They make the difference, they change the world, but most importantly they change our world.
So, once again to the whole Vivero team, I tell you you matter, I tell you that you are making a difference, but I will never be able to tell you how much! You have made my son believe that he can, that he has a home away from home. You have not told him he needs to be perfect, nor that he will do everything right the first time, but you have made him feel that he can try, that he can think, that he can dream.
Shelly, from one teacher to another; you are someone who makes me proud to be a teacher. From a parent to a teacher; no words.
Thank you for loving my child, with all his craziness and all his ideas. I could never have made him love school like this. You did that and you taught your students how to love, appreciate, support and accept each other just the way they are! It means the world to my son to have such loving friends who laugh together with him at all his antiques and accept the way he is!
And so, I say THANK YOU - to the teachers and staff at Vivero, to the community of parents I've met this year, and to all those of you who lifted us up, cried with us, hugged us, greeted us so warmly every morning, and were with us as Nicolas grew from a frustrated, confused child into the confident, happy, mischievous, curious child who has a voice and a community of people who are willing to listen to it.
I hope you all have a place that welcomes your child and your family as much as Vivero did ours. And if you don't, keep looking. A community of acceptance, support, belief, and love is out there, just waiting to open its doors to you.

- Zana, Angelo’s mother

Thank you so much for coordinating and organizing fantastic K1 performance/skit. In fact all the performances from kids were really amazing. We enjoyed thoroughly.
I could see the hard work you all put up for this annual day and each year I see Vivero showcasing its uniqueness.
Ameeta, I liked your anchoring as well. I could see your involvement in every performance from kids. Your enthusiasm and encouragement was really giving energy to kids. In fact all the staffs were so co-operative and accommodative. It’s really a mammoth task to arrange event of such magnitude. My hearty congratulations to you all.
Rachana, amazing work, I am happy with your and Vivero’s progressions over the years. We made the right choice
Our best wishes are with you and Vivero.
Thank you for wonderful experience

- Father of Chirayu’s

Kudos to team Vivero, Sarjapura Branch, Bangalore for putting up such a fantastic annual day program. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member of your team for everything that you do to make kids comfortable and provide them quality education in the process. Undoubtedly you all are contributing in a big way towards the nation building exercise by nurturing young minds. We are proud to be associated with you in such important years of my daughters life.
My heartfelt gratitude to class teachers of nursery Nitasha, Seema and Sonjuna for the warmth and care that they provide to Vidita. Appreciate the efforts taken by them to conduct innovative activities in the class. Vidita cherishes her time spent with them.
My sincere thanks to her day care teachers and each member of support staff. I must say we are at ease only because of the extra care that vidita gets by them. When we leave Vidita at day care we are rest assured that she is going enjoy her time there.
Look forward to another year of truly rewarding experience with Vivero.Best Wishes!

- Priyanka & Vineet , (Vidita's Parents)

Kudos to team Vivero, Sarjapura Branch, Bangalore for putting up such a fantastic annual day program. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member of your team for everything that you do to make kids comfortable and provide them quality education in the process. Undoubtedly you all are contributing in a big way towards the nation building exercise by nurturing young minds. We are proud to be associated with you in such important years of my daughters life.
My heartfelt gratitude to class teachers of nursery Nitasha, Seema and Sanjana for the warmth and care that they provide to Vidita. Appreciate the efforts taken by them to conduct innovative activities in the class. Vidita cherishes her time spent with them.
My sincere thanks to her day care teachers and each member of support staff. I must say we are at ease only because of the extra care that vidita gets by them. When we leave Vidita at day care we are rest assured that she is going enjoy her time there.
Look forward to another year of truly rewarding experience with Vivero.

-Priyanka & Vineet , Parents of Vidita

To all the teachers of Vivero!!
I wanted to take a moment to share an honest feedback with all of you at Vivero. I had admitted Abhyudaya to Vivero almost a year and a half back. Initially I had inhibitions about putting my son in Vivero and was somehow not very satisfied in the early days; however I decided to continue due to proximity. Today I do not regret my decision. I have seen my son grow and learn so many things which may be as a working mother I wouldn't have been able to teach him so early. The reason I chose this day to convey my regards is particularly because as I came back from work, I saw my son tapping his feet and clapping his hands. It was an innocent and heart-warming performance on the rhyme:" If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands." I cannot express the joy on my face when I saw him dancing.
He has learnt many more things and has become independent. And this has been possible because of the lovely things he learns with and from you. I want to sincerely thank you for the wonderful care and warmth.

- Smita Nandy , Mother of Adhudaya Nandy, Nursery class