Indiranagar - Bengaluru - Parent Testimonials

Parents of Alankrit

I am writing this with immense gratitude and appreciation for the incredible support and care that Vivero International School has provided to Alankrit since he joined in November 2023. As working parents, the decision to enrol Alankrit in your childcare has not only been a wise one but has also proven to be a game-changer for my career. "One of the decisions made by us in 2023".
From day one, he has been greeted with smiles and open arms, making his time at the childcare a joyful and enriching experience. He just loves his teachers Whenever he gets any new toy or gadget, he wants to take to school to show it to his teachers. My heart just melts to see the bond they have with my son.
One of the most significant advantages for me, as a working parent has been the peace of mind that comes with knowing my son is in capable and caring hands. The clear and consistent communication from the teachers has been invaluable, keeping me informed about my son's daily activities, milestones, and any special moments.
I wholeheartedly recommend Vivero International Pre School and Care to any parent seeking a childcare solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations.
- Santhosh C & Sreelekha, Parents of Alankrit, Child Care Junior

Even though Niyaara had spent a couple of months at a Montessori school during the pandemic, Vivero has been her first "school" spanning a full year.
I was a little skeptical when she started school, on how she would take this new journey, as she had been exposed to only family during the pandemic and she was not very comfortable around strangers. I am glad to share that I have seen my daughter grow through her year at Vivero, she has truly taken to Vivero like a fish to water!!
I have seen subtle changes over the past year in the way she has become more confident in her interactions with others, her communication in English has improved (in fact she prefers it now!!), her knowledge and awareness of the world around her has improved, and she has always been genuinely excited to go to school each day!
I would like to sincerely thank you, all the teaching and the support staff at Vivero for providing an amazing and wonderful first year of education for my daughter. She has been super-excited in sharing her experiences during the day, her games with the support staff, or her time spent with teachers and other children. During some conversations she used to also share some anecdotes or something new that she has learnt, which is gratifying to listen to as a parent. I was really pleasantly surprised when she explained the concept of evaporation-condensation-precipitation at this age!!
I would like to thank and appreciate all her teachers who have been instrumental in making it a year of fun and learning for Niyaara. I can only hope that she finds the rest of her educational journey as exciting and wonderful as this one!
- Poonacha Devaiah, Principal Technical Project Manager - Epsilon, Father of Niyaara Poonacha, Nursery class

" She's improved a lot from the day 1 she entered the school. The teachers are amazing and helpful. I am very happy and satisfied with the teachers, staff and the school. We had a blast during the Halloween event at the school. It was so wonderfully decorated. We could actually see the hard work the teachers put into the event. Looking forward for many such interactive events. Thank you so much for teaching and guiding my daughter so far!" - Sneha Varyani, Parent of Pranvi Varyani, Pre-Nursery

" Vanshi enjoys her time at school with her teachers and friends. She has improved a lot with her communication and even with academics. I am happy that we chose Vivero, where she is safe and learns new things every day. Vanshi loves her school and loves her worksheets and homework. Love the way of teaching as Vanshi says " we didn't do any learning and we were only playing”. Play and Learn, love the concept. Thank You Team Vivero. - Harsha Wadhwani, Parent of Vanshi Wadhwani, Kindergarten 1

First of all, kudos to Vivero for bringing positive development in my child and teaching best ways to express herself as I can see a huge and remarkable positive transition in Inaaya. Weekly update regarding my child is another great way to track her activities that too with beautiful pictures makes our day. Friendly and ever approachable teachers and Principal indeed sets epitome of professionalism. Thanking you for all your support and guidance to my child as well as me. IT'S A HOME AWAY FROM HOME - Major Manisha Rai- Indian Army, Parent of Inaya Tamang, Pre-nursery

Vivero International launched the online sessions for Child Care and I must say it’s great to have focused efforts in engaging children. I appreciate how teachers ensure every session is full of fun for kids while teaching them new skills. Both my husband and I are a working couple and this program pushes us to spare that dedicated 30-45 minutes with our daughter and it is such a pleasure watching her sing, listen and participate. - Richa Dagar, Mother of Enaaya Hiwalay

Vivero's USP is the open door policy they follow. As a working mum, it was extremely crucial for me to select an approachable school and staff. Vivero has lived by this policy to the hilt. The faculty here is a fine combination of being professional and motherly. My son has grown leaps and bounds under their care and I'm glad his foundation has been set at a school whose value systems are so strong. - Neha Jain, Company Secretary, Infosys

Vivero has been a part of Arhaan's world since he turned 18 months! To us, as working parents, it offered a balanced environment for our child. He was showered with affection, much loved and well cared for. Enabling a child to learn, grow and bloom at their own pace is of paramount importance to us. The teaching and support staff understand this well and have ensured a rather holistic approach in their methodology. Vivero has been a positive experience for us and our little one. It takes a lot to manage this age bracket and we do thank his teachers and support staff for a job well done. - Ayona Sharma, Vice President – JP Morgan

My son Achyut is going to Vivero Child Care for two and half years now. Selecting Vivero after school care for my child has been one of the most satisfying decisions of our parenthood. The individual attention given to the child from the time he deboards from the school bus to the time we pick him up is satiating. The key differentiator that Vivero child care has that they leverage their in-depth experience to provide tailor made suggestions for the child’s overall development. In corporate context, they are a very well process driven and adequately resourced organization with excellent management oversight. Lastly, my child enjoys the stay so much that he has asked me not to come before his outdoor play time!- Monika Kumari, Parent of Achyut Bhardwaj, After School Care

We moved from USA last year and were in search of a good preschool for Myesha. Our key expectation was a school which had the warmth of home but at the same time could inculcate positive habits, follow a systematic routine and provide an encouraging environment for her mental development.
It’s been a year and I can proudly say we made a great decision by choosing Vivero- we would like to thank the teachers, School Head, PRM along with the aunties for taking such good care of Myesha- we couldn’t have asked for a better school! This also reflects in our decision to start Myesha with the Vivero Day Care- where she is thoroughly enjoying herself and at the same time learning so much- her speech, ability to reason and learning skills have really developed. We also appreciate the constant initiatives to keep the children and parents engaged- a great balance of fun and learning which makes it a special place.
Starting school is a milestone and thanks for making it a memorable one for Myeshaand us! - Debanjana Kapoor, Vice President, KANTAR IMRB, Mother of Myesha Kapoor (Pre-Nursery)

We entrust our daughter, Ardhra to the staff at Vivero Child Care every day, and we are grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives. Ardhra has learned so much and continues to share with us the great activities that go on at "school each day! We love the school ambiance and teachers are very professional and approachable. We receive daily reports, which tell us how she eats, sleeps and plays. This really helps us to understand how her day went by and gives us peace of mind to concentrate on our work as well.
Thank you to Vivero International for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps and a special thanks to the PRM, teachers and entire Vivero team; they continue to do amazing works of "heart" with all children. - Greeshma and Harikrishnan, Parents of Ardhra Hari Krishna (Child Care)

I will like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for providing "Shrot" a home away from home at Vivero daycare. He is about to turn 5 now and has been with Vivero since 2014. Let me tell you that all these years, we as parents have always felt relieved knowing the fact that he is in good caring hands.He spends more time at Vivero than he spends with us and hence it was essential that he gets a similar environment in his daycare which Vivero has provided and maintained. Some important call outs which make me feel proud that I chose the right daycare for him - Excellent caring and engaging teachers and staff; Cleanliness and hygiene, awesome food (as Shrot tells me) and most important receptive and prompt management.
We cherish our association with Vivero daycare and trust me when I say that it is a big boon for working parents who want to give the best to their child without worrying about it on a day to day basis. Please continue with your efforts to take great care of our kids. - Ankit BanBansal, Father of Shrot Bansal

Thea has been going to Vivero daycare for the last two years and we couldn't be happier. She always looks forward to going to school/daycare to meet her teachers and friends. All the daycare teachers and assistants are always so pleasant and upbeat that they create a really positive environment for the kids. They put in a lot of efforts to organize various activities to keep the kids engaged and aid their learning. The storytelling workshop was one of them. Also the place has helped her improve her communication skills which she used to lag behind when she had joined.I would recommend Vivero to all parents as it is a great place for all young kids.- Deepa & Binoy Wilson, Parents of Thea Wilson

We’re happy to know that Pari has finally settled down in her class. Thank you so much for all the support especially the teachers who have taken care of Parifrom the beginning and made her feel so comfortable. It would not have been possible without you all! Overall Vivero is definitely the right choice. As a parent I’ve chosen the right environment for my child where everyone is approachable from the School Head to the PRM and all the wonderful teachers and helpers. Thank you so much once again for giving the best support to my child.- Neha, Mother of Pari (Pre-Nursery)

For a mother, the baby’s first school experience is in my perspective, the preliminary and the most difficult challenge. Every member/staff of Vivero seems so friendly and approachable, that I personally felt at comfort in an immense way to smooth out the challenge. It’s amazing to hear my baby form meaningful sentences so beautifully and for working parents to see their two year develop is a feast to the eyes and ears. A special thanks to teachers and the staff for being so approachable.- Manasi Duddalr, Mother of SuneetiMendu

Vivero International has been an awesome experience for us and Riddhi. The environment provided for children is great. A lot of effort has been made to make sure small things are taken care of. Staff training here looks much better than other schools. Staff is very motivated and love children which is very important for us as parents.
A special mention about the teachers who have helped Riddhi settle into school so easily. It looked almost effortless with them being around. Thanks a ton! - Rashmi and Aditya, Parents of RiddhiSomani (Child Care)

I'm writing to let you know what a great experience my son Akul is having at your school. He is learning so many things, including what it's like to have wonderful teachers! You all exceeded my expectations. My husband and I are so happy. Thank you for providing such a warm, safe, educational and fun environment for Akul. It's helping our son (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important. Thanks for everything!- Sapna Ramesh, Mother of Akul (Nursery)

I would like to thank the whole Vivero team for making Tamara's first foray into the world of Pre-nursery such a warm and happy experience. As a mother to a one-and-a-half year old toddler, who I am sending to Pre-nursery for the first time, I have really appreciated the personal touch, warmth and professionalism towards my daughter and the other children. I was at ease leaving my daughter in your care.- Naomi Mathews, Tamara’s Mother (Pre-Nursery)

It was great to get intricate details about the children’s progress in class. A lot of interest is taken by the teachers in the overall development of the child. Suggestions were made on the activities at home that would help the child improve in certain development areas identified. Overall a great session!
The PTM was a good experience and it familiarized me with issues that Izaan is facing in class. It was good to know that my son is going quite well and is happy in school. I could freely discuss any issues that were a concern for me too. Thank you. - Naila, Mother of Izaan(Nursery)

We are very happy with Alaina’s progress. She has picked up a lot of nursery songs and sings them at home, tries to speak short sentences, identifies colours and shape. I want to thank the teachers for all their efforts, which is helping Alaina build the base for her learning and knowledge, which will make her go a long way. Thanks.- Neha and Vikas, Parents of Alaina(Nursery)

We have seen visible improvement in Siddharth’sbehaviour after coming to school. He is willing to come to school every day and he has started becoming more inquisitive, thanks to his teachers. The portfolio is a very good recall of his progress. Thanks for this initiative. - Santappa Kaliyan, Father of Siddharth(Pre-Nursery)

The portfolio file gives detailed information about our child. It is good to have a regular parent-school interaction to understand our child’s development needs and track progress. The management and the teachers are very friendly and homely.- Tarun Shawn, Mother of Tarun(Pre-Nursery)

I am impressed to see Nia’s development. Also the kind of patience teachers and facility staffs have shown to make her comfortable on daily basis is really commendable. Thank you for everything.- Nishi, Mother of Nia(K2)

Thank you for all of your effort. My child likes Vivero School very much, her communication, mathematical skills have improved a lot. I’m very happy the way you are maintaining the school environment. Thank you.- Mother of Sridhriti (K2)

Hasanna enjoys her time in school with her classmates and teachers. She shares her school stories every day after returning home. We’re glad that she is very well taken care of. Thank you.- Arul, Father of Adriel(Nursery)

It’s good to see Maan developing so much each day. Moreover he loves coming to school, the teachers, the environment and everything else is great. I am happy to see him progress and improve so much. Thanks a lot! - Mother of Maan(Nursery)

Trilok shows a lot of improvement after coming to Vivero for 2 months. He is looks forward to come to school because the teachers are kind to him. I really thank the teachers forbeing concernedabout his development. Thank you.- Ashapriya, Mother of Trilok(Nursery)

It was my first PTM, I had a wonderful experience knowing about my children. The teachers are extremely clear and frank about everything. They were almost on the same level with me and I could relate to them. Wishing for many positive developmental changes in my daughter. Thank you.- Juhi Mittal, Mother of Aanya(Nursery)

We are happy about the school environment (neatness and cleanliness). The school is very well organised and the teachers are professional in their approach. The school has taken utmost care for child safety and security. Zara is happy and excited about going to school every morning. She loves the playground.- Amina Ahmed, Zara Ahmed's Mother (Nursery)

We are impressed by the vision and plans for the school. I look forward to my child gaining from his experience at Vivero. The Infrastructure of the school is great. The staff is pleasant. Teachers communicate well and show enthusiasm, friendliness towards children. The whole team is patient, friendly and a pleasure to interact with. Aryan loves his school and teachers.- Neha Arya, Veer Angad Arya's Mother (Pre-Nursery)

Watching Khushi grow every day and show interest in so many activities, I know that it’s Vivero as a school and the hard work of the teachers who have brought these changes. Thanks a lot for developing Khushi into the kid she is. - Namrata, Mother of Khushi(Pre-Nursery)