Global Technology Park - Parent Testimonials

Sonal Palam, Mother of Avyaan Kumar, Toddler Care-GTP

I enrolled my son Avyaan, at Vivero International GTP when he was 16 months old, almost three weeks back. It took him two weeks’ time to settle down and the staff at Vivero took great care of him and now he is very comfortable and absolutely loves his school. Few changes in his behaviour after joining Vivero which I observed are wonderful. He started serving food to everyone at home as well as himself. He likes to eat independently and this is remarkable as it has happened over a period of two weeks since he joined there. The extra quality care that the preschool provides, makes it a special place. Things such as taking out time to capture details about your child’s day – who they may have played with, new skills learnt and simply just the kind of day they have had. Thanks for always keeping me updated on his day. Thank you Vivero for providing a wonderful home away from home and helping him learn something new each day. - Sonal Palam, Mother of Avyaan Kumar, Toddler Care

Princi Alok, Mother of Tavish Alok, Infant Care-GTP

The hardest time for a mother is when she leave baby in someone’s hand. I enrolled Tavish when he was just seven months old and now he is one year old and happy to be there. Tavish is really lucky for the love and care he receives at Vivero, GTP and I want to appreciate every teacher, staff and management for it. I never thought that my 8 month baby will paint. My most memorable day was when I got the first happy mother’s day card from Vivero with my baby’s hand prints. I really thank Vivero for such wonderful second home, which makes it possible for me to work in peace. I am also at peace to know that I am always there just next to my baby." - Princi Alok, Mother of Tavish Alok, Infant Care

Sona, Mother of Ishani Dheeraj, Infant Care-GTP

When my baby Ishani was just 6 months old, I had to go back to work but I couldn’t get anyone to come to Bangalore to look after my baby. I decided to quit my job and stay at home to take care of Ishani. But luckily, Vivero opened a new branch inside GTP campus and after hearing all reviews and feedback from parents, I decided to sign up with Vivero for their Infant Care program. I am now back working and I am able to go to office without any tension because my baby is in safe hands and Vivero is now like her second home where she is learning many things and achieving her milestones on time. We are very happy to be a part of Vivero family. - Sona, Mother of Ishani Dheeraj, Infant Care