GTP, Bellandur - Parent Testimonials

Parent of Siddharth

This is Siddharth’s first school. He started in Pre- Nursery and now he is in Nursery. I have seen many good changes in him. He has become very independent & has started eating food on his own. He has started expressing himself. He is more playful, and he mixes well with the kids. He loves to come to school every day. He is growing up so well, here. All the teachers and everybody here are very caring. I would love to see him becoming more independent and expressive. Thanks to Vivero and all the staff for taking good care of him. I feel very relaxed when I send him to school.
Thank you.
- Aparajita Dubey, Parent of Siddharth (Nursery), Senior program manager Warner Bros Discovery

Parent of Parvathy Retish

We have enrolled our daughter in the Childcare program since Jan 2024. She was fascinated by the ambience and attention she received at Vivero, GTP since the day we visited the campus. Even after so many weeks, she has not lost interest. This is what she has gained from the school. Her teachers have been kind and protective. There are many support staff too and our child is not left abandoned. Overall, I’m thankful to the organization.
- Sudha Natarajan, Parent of Parvathy Retish (Childcare Jr.), Honeywell - Senior Engineer

Parent of Atharv Bhardwaj

This is Atharv’s first school. I was very particular & we searched for so many schools. When he visited Vivero GTP and came back home he said that this is the school he wants to go to. Since that time, he has reached a different level. He has become more social, and he has learned a lot. Nowadays, he is expressing himself through arts and different ways. He has started talking and expressing himself more and this is the part I love. He has become very confident after coming to school, so that’s great learning. Atharv likes Vivero.
Thank you.
- Pooja Saini, Parent of Atharv (Nursery), Senior Technical Writer, Rubrik

Parent of Aadhyat Singhai

My son has been going to Vivero GTP K1 class since June. I am satisfied with the school’s infrastructure, ambiance, and curriculum. Teachers pay attention to individual children and update about the activities weekly.
We opted for FDPS program and my son loves going to school every day. We can observe positive habit building in him like understanding the importance of sorry/thank you/please or cleaning up after playing.
School encourages doing easy chores by themselves like putting their things back in the bag. I was surprised to know that he is eating by himself in school, for this I’d love to give 5 stars to teacher's dedication. Transport and food facilities are extremely good and well organized. The school’s staff is approachable at any time.
We are happy that we chose Vivero GTP for our son.
- Anusha Sharma, Sr. Manager - Software Engineering, Walmart

Parent of Advaith Madhav

My son goes to nursery class at Vivero GTP branch. We are happy to see the overall development in academics and communication skills. Teachers and staff are very much supportive. Thanks, Vivero. Keep up the good work.
- Nike V S, Parent of Advaith Madhav, Architect, Bosch Global Software Technologies Private Limited

Parent of Smriti

I put my son for day care. The care-on-demand scheme is really helpful for parents who work on a hybrid model. The GTP center is awesome. The teachers and all the staff are well trained and work hard towards the well-being of the children. They arrange events for kids and parents too. I was part of the Women's Day and Sports day celebration. I felt so good and refreshed by being part of those fun-filled hours. I genuinely recommend them, especially for the working mothers.
- Sunanda Das, Parent of Samrit Paul (Care on Demand), Scientific Communication Specialist

Parent of Kiyansh

I feel extremely grateful to Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care for making Kiyansh feel entertained, loved & special. Thanks for your patience & for the quality of care you provide each & every day. It's been a great session and we would like to thank all the teachers & staff, for all the hard work & dedication you put into teaching.
- Prodeepta Biswas & Nayan Naware, Parent of Kiyansh (Care on Demand)

Parent of Shasvika

It was one of the best-orchestrated events I saw in recent times. The children were so well practiced & the staff was managing everything in the best possible way. We loved the props created for the event and enjoyed all the drills and races by the children and the games/ race organized for the parents. Happy to have my child in such capable hands. My experience with the Vivero School GTP for last 1 year has been very satisfying as the school is very progressive and growing. I am so happy to see my child evolve, grow and blossom into the person she truly is. The way of nurturing the children through various activities and performances is truly amazing.
- Gowtham Kumar V, Parent of Shasvika (Toddler Care), Advanced R & D Engineer, Honeywell

Parent of Shastika

Our daughter Shastika goes to the Pre-nursery program. We are happy about admitting her to Vivero as I could visibly see the good qualities that got added up after she started her schooling. Whenever someone asks about the school, she keeps on saying "My school is Vivero, I love Vivero school". This talks about her love towards her school and teachers and we are really happy to hear it.
Thank you Vivero for creating such a beautiful schooling experience for our daughter. - Santhosh Kumar, Senior System Administrator – Aptus Software , Parent of Shastika

Parent of Sai Shasvika, Infant Care

It is our first time enrolling our daughter to a school. The teachers and staff at Vivero are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable. Our daughter is excited every morning about going to school. Vivero always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents. She loves her friends and all fun learning activities. Vivero is also a safe place for my child. Vivero is amazing thank you everyone. - Gouutham Kumar, Advanced R & D Engineer- Honeywell, Parent of Sai Shasvika, Infant Care

Evana Marwah-GTP-Parent Testimonials

Glad to share our feedback for Evana's pre-nursery virtual learning program through the academic year 2020-21.
Evana had a wonderful time throughout the past academic year, and she looked forward to the classes daily. Her teachers were able to keep all the children engaged and glued to the different activities throughout the sessions.
Earlier, we were not completely confident about the online learning methodology, especially for kids of her age. However after having experienced this approach first-hand, we were able to closely observe how it has benefited us. We are very happy that we made this decision to enrol Evana last year.
All the 4 modules were very well thought out and delivered. The activities were done keeping the online mode of delivery in mind, while ensuring that the children learn from the various engagements and interactions. The teachers constantly challenge the children and also ensure that every child gets adequate attention. Online teaching is a new thing for all but the teachers at Vivero have adapted to it and delivered very well. We would like to pass our compliments to Evana's teacher in particular in that regard.
It gives us joy to see Evana continuing her online classes this year as well, and we are happy to see her enjoying and learning everyday in the Nursery program this year.
- Shreya Malani & Kunal Marwaha, Parents of Evana Marwah, iLearn PN

Karthikas GTP Parents

I would like to say thank to Karthika's class teacher, for everything during this past year. I appreciate all your efforts and your innovative ideas which helped draw the children’s attention and made their learning more enjoyable. You have been so patient and friendly with all the children and this has clearly helped to boost their confidence levels.
As parents, it was really very tough, having to manage Karthika's class and homework alongside the household chores and my office work, but, I am proud that we did it successfully together. Apart from that, I see that Karthika has learnt many new things over the year. To sum it up in one sentence, she has progressed "from writing letters to reading sentences (Wow). " And, it is not only that, but many other things too.
I like to use this opportunity to thank and appreciate all the others involved in my child's learning journey for being responsible and putting all things into action very fast. I remember the time when I had given a feedback regarding the "illumine app. " My number was immediately with the App developer and my concern was fixed in no time - this was an inspiring experience.
I also appreciate how easily approachable the management is - "always". I never hesitate to reach out with my different issues, and every time Vivero ends up doing their best. That's really wonderful.
I wish, team Vivero, all the best for your future endeavours.
- Lavanya & Suman Kumar, Parents of M. Karthika Chowdhary, iLearn K1

Parent Testimonials - GTP

Nihal has been lucky to teachers who have really groomed and opened him up under their joyful and engaging teaching style.
We would like to compliment his class teacher and say that - you have been a great teacher to our child. We cannot imagine the tremendous efforts that goes into stitching an hour in order to keep all the children engaged and learning at the same time.
Thank you for your patience.
We Wish you great things for the future - all the best.
- Reshma Poojari & Chandrakant P, Parents of Nihal, iLearn K1

Parent Testimonials

Thank you so much !!
Dishita will dearly miss her class teacher as you have been an important part of her life through this past year. Thank you for being so nice and warm. Even though it was an online class, Dishita felt a strong connection with you. We have witnessed a huge positive transformation in her this year as she has become more confident and vocal during her sessions. She has learnt so many things. We hope she finds a teacher like you next year too. Thanks again. :)
- Shilpa Hajra & Ankur Gupta, Parents of Dishita, iLearn K1

Parent Testimonials

Thank you to the entire Vivero team!
Vidisha thoroughly enjoyed her Kindergarten experience, and will cherish these memories forever. She is going to especially miss her class teacher. However, as she has also signed up for the sessions in May, she is looking forward to spending some more weeks with her teachers whom she absolutely adores.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience even through the online classes.
- Priyanka & Puneet Jindal, Parents of Vidisha, iLearn K1

Parent Testimonials

Teachers make an impressive impact on the child’s life and their learning journey
"Adi's teacher has made a wonderful impact. It is great to see how they make him feel so comfortable. He speaks about his teacher often even after the class and I am always amazed to see how he easily remembers the concepts that have been taught to him. Thanks for all your efforts.”
- Kalika Vajapayee, Mother of Adi Vajapayee Shukla, Pre-Nursery

Vaishnavi GTP Parent Testimonials

I am really happy that I gave an awesome platform to my child by enrolling in your school. These virtual classes give an opportunity for children to learn new things in early childhood which is more important. My child learnt many rhymes and she eagerly waits for the class to see her teacher and her friends. These classes have taught her many things. This lockdown was made meaningful for the children through these online classes. They are engaged in activities, storytelling etc. Special thanks to the teacher who gives her best in the class and ensures all the children are engaged throughout the class. Thanks a lot to Vivero for grooming my child Vaishnavi.
She learnt many things in the online class a few are listed below:
1. Thread Art
2. How to make brush with the grass, leaves..etc
3. Play Dough
4. Leaves painting
5. Sock Puppet
6. Colour and also the shapes etc.
- Balaji R, Father of Viashnavi, Pre-Nursery

Evana GTP Parent Testimonials

We find the online virtual classes quite engaging for Evana. She is learning new things and also learning to interact better with other kids online. She thinks of these sessions as her meeting time with friends :) In current situation, this is probably a good work around. Special mention for her teacher who is very vibrant and energetic and ensures every child is participating. - Shreya Malani & Kunal Marwah, Parents of Evana Marwah, Pre-nursery

Riaan GTP Parent Testimonials

I think virtual classroom by Vivero international is a great initiative. My son was happy to see his teacher and friends whom he was missing since the lockout began due to corona virus situation. Inspite of being away from school he is able to learn and enjoy all the activities they used to do in classroom with the help of interactive sessions with his teachers. Overall, we are pleased by the hard work Vivero staff is putting in so that our kids stay focused, occupied and on track. - Rachita Saharia & Abhishek Mathur, Parents of Riaan Mathur, Kindergarten 1

Vyom - GTP - Testimonials

I would like to thank Vivero for coming up with such interactive sessions for the children. My son, Viyom is always excited about his classes and looks forward for the same. I must say that the sessions are very well planned and executed and though it is online; it is really interactive. The teacher ensures she interacts with everyone and listens to every child; which makes my child stay connected throughout the session. My son is currently learning about different countries and continents and tells me everything about it quite enthusiastically. Thank you so much again in helping me to engage my child constructively! - Shilpa & Bharat, Parents of Vyom Bharat, CC Senior


Great initiative by Vivero in engaging the children through virtual classes. Very innovative. The classes being conducted are very useful and keeping the kids busy during lockdown .The teachers handling the classes are really great and making the kids do the activities in a friendly way. Also the activities given by the teachers make the young minds creative. Looking forward for many more classes till the lockdown gets over. Appreciate the efforts taken by the school management. - R. Sandhyaa & R. Ramanatha Krishnan, Parents of Anahita, CC Junior

Arsh with his Parents - GTP

Great initiative by Vivero in engaging the children through virtual classes. Very innovative. The classes being conducted are very useful and are keeping children busy during the lockdown. The teachers handling the classes are great and ensure that children are at ease while doing the activities. Teachers are conducting various activities which bring out the best of creativity from the children. Looking forward for many more classes till the lockdown gets over. Appreciate the efforts taken by the school management. - Mom Dutta Mukherjee, Mother of Arin Dutta

Arsh with his Parents - GTP

After spending 2 months with Vivero International, we as parents thank you all for such an amazing work. We were reluctant to send our son to any Creche at first but being both working parent we had to take this decision. We had a discussion with PRM "Swati" and Sr. Manager "Neeta". Discussion was really encouraging. Some of their sentences relaxed our anxiety. i.e. "Whatever is the case, your son will not cry with hunger", "If he cries, he will not be left unattended". So, we thought to give it a try. We are so happy to see such an awesome bunch of caring staff. They always greet with a smile and provide the warmth that children need. We owe it to their sincere efforts that our son, Arsh is not suffering from separation anxiety anymore. Being an open door policy, it helps us to see his activity anytime. Thanks and Regards, - Naghma & Sohan, Parents of Arsh Rehaan

Veena Mother of Ishan - Pre Nursery - GTP

This is probably something which I wanted to tell for a long time now, but after the annual day celebrations which went on so well, I thought this would be the right time to say this.
I would like to congratulate Vivero GTP team for the extraordinary performances and the effort put up by every single person from Vivero GTP to train the children to perform. I understand making a child perform on a stage is a difficult task. But it was just a cake walk for all those kids who performed so well only because we have teachers like you who would help them and give them confidence while they come out on to the stage for the first time in their lives. :)
The last 5 months in Vivero were wonderful for Ishan. To me as a parent and as a person, being "emotionally intelligent" is the most important skill to develop to face the increasing challenges in life and human relationships. And that my child and every child from Vivero GTP were so stable on the stage without getting scared shows how well you have trained them emotionally and taught them to face with courage the fear of a stage or a new environment. It does not probably just reflect on the rehearsals but on the schooling as a whole.
Thanks a lot for everything
It would be a difficult decision for me to take if I have to shift Ishan to another school because of our jobs. I hope we could stay back and continue his schooling here. - Veena Vedartham, Ishan's Mother, Pre nursery

Varuns father Sameer & mother Ramya - Pre-Nursery - GTP

Our son Varun goes to Vivero at Global Tech Park. He is in the pre-nursery class. We moved to Bangalore a few months ago from the US. Vivero staff ensured he transitioned smoothly and he very soon started enjoying his interactions with his classmates. He loves his class teacher and we are very thankful to her for the genuine love and care she showers on him! Varun loves being at school, playing with his friends, eating, and being fed by his teachers.
It's also for this reason that the highlight of our day is picking him up after school. His teachers always have a few minutes to tell us how he spent the day and what he learnt. We are happy that he comes home every day with a stomach full of food, lots of chatter about his friends and teachers, and a smile on his face. We look forward to the next year, seeing him grow up along with his friends and also to us growing up with him as his parents.
Thanks! - Sameer & Ramya, Parents of Varun Indarapu, Pre-nursery

Swapna - Mother of Jathin Sai Chinni - Toddler Care

Deciding the right day-care in the right environment for a toddler was a huge decision. My Son Jathin (1.9 years old) has been going to Vivero International from past few months. In the first instance when I saw the day-care only I felt very happy. As a mother, our main expectation was that he should get love and should be treated by the staff as one of their own child. VIVERO gave that love and care to my little one. All the staff over there is very friendly and caring. Though I didn’t spend much time during his initial settling period due to the hectic work at office. Teachers and care takers are very comfortable and understood my situation and took care of him. Thanks for that. Vivero offers healthy and home cooked food which my son loves a lot. Though I send lunch for him, he loves to eat Vivero food which is very tasty and he learnt how to eat on his own :). Vivero engages not only kids but also family members through their activities. One of them was Adventure awaits which had various fun activities for both parents & children. Both of my kids enjoyed that day.
The atmosphere at school is amazing. Thanks for keeping me updated about all his activities on daily basis. Hoping the same in future. I am proud to say that I am part of Vivero family. Thanks to all :) and all the best.- Swapna, Mother of Jathin Sai Chinni, Toddler Care

Dheeraj Borra - Father of Shauriansh Borra - Nursery

My Son Shauriansh loves going to School. I was little bit nervous when I was joining him in Vivero. As he got used to interact in Telugu and we were afraid about his interaction with Teachers and children. But in a short span of time (Less than 3 months) he made good friends in school and started interacting in English. He started telling Rhymes and Numbers. Sometimes he even asks me to come and join in story telling sessions at School. All thanks to teachers in the school (Especially Joe Mam) who observes, teaches and takes care of children all the time. It was a right decision to join Vivero International School.
Thank you Vivero!- Dheeraj Borra, Father of Shauriansh, Nursery

Sonal Palam, Mother of Avyaan Kumar, Toddler Care-GTP

I enrolled my son Avyaan, at Vivero International GTP when he was 16 months old, almost three weeks back. It took him two weeks’ time to settle down and the staff at Vivero took great care of him and now he is very comfortable and absolutely loves his school. Few changes in his behaviour after joining Vivero which I observed are wonderful. He started serving food to everyone at home as well as himself. He likes to eat independently and this is remarkable as it has happened over a period of two weeks since he joined there. The extra quality care that the preschool provides, makes it a special place. Things such as taking out time to capture details about your child’s day – who they may have played with, new skills learnt and simply just the kind of day they have had. Thanks for always keeping me updated on his day. Thank you Vivero for providing a wonderful home away from home and helping him learn something new each day. - Sonal Palam, Mother of Avyaan Kumar, Toddler Care

Princi Alok, Mother of Tavish Alok, Infant Care-GTP

The hardest time for a mother is when she leave baby in someone’s hand. I enrolled Tavish when he was just seven months old and now he is one year old and happy to be there. Tavish is really lucky for the love and care he receives at Vivero, GTP and I want to appreciate every teacher, staff and management for it. I never thought that my 8 month baby will paint. My most memorable day was when I got the first happy mother’s day card from Vivero with my baby’s hand prints. I really thank Vivero for such wonderful second home, which makes it possible for me to work in peace. I am also at peace to know that I am always there just next to my baby." - Princi Alok, Mother of Tavish Alok, Infant Care

Sona, Mother of Ishani Dheeraj, Infant Care-GTP

When my baby Ishani was just 6 months old, I had to go back to work but I couldn’t get anyone to come to Bangalore to look after my baby. I decided to quit my job and stay at home to take care of Ishani. But luckily, Vivero opened a new branch inside GTP campus and after hearing all reviews and feedback from parents, I decided to sign up with Vivero for their Infant Care program. I am now back working and I am able to go to office without any tension because my baby is in safe hands and Vivero is now like her second home where she is learning many things and achieving her milestones on time. We are very happy to be a part of Vivero family. - Sona, Mother of Ishani Dheeraj, Infant Care