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We take great pride in the exceptional quality of our professionally qualified and experienced teachers. Each and every teacher is selected through a rigorous recruitment process.On joining our pre-school & child care facility teachers undergo extensive training designed jointly with the EtonHouse academic team.This is followed by regular trainings on avariety of subjects throughout the school year.

The teacher, like the parents and children,also has rights within this unique system. It is the right of the teachers and workers of each school to contribute to the study and preparation of the conceptual models that define educational content, objectives and practices. Choices of methods, didactics,research and observation projects are discussed in an open forum with the pedagogical coordinators. The staff is a part of various teacher training sessions and general development intiatives while undertaking tasks of community management.

Vivero teachers plan intentionally. They establish specific goals for their children,as well as evaluate paths for inquiry based learning. They make decisions about learning experiences, resources, design and location of the learning environment, routines, group interactions and strategies for assessment.Our teachers are lifelong learners themselves. Continuously guided, coached and encouraged by a group of highly experienced school heads who meet on a regular basis to share and disseminate best practices across our schools.

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