Madhapur - Parent Testimonials

Yodha & Yukta - Madhapur Testimonials

Vivero is more than a school to my kids and they have a beautiful relationship with the teachers and helping staff too. In the beginning, the staff put tremendous efforts to help them settle in and get used to staying there for the whole day. The staff addresses any concerns immediately. They are reachable at any time. Especially I appreciate the best efforts put by the school to connect with the kids during the lockdown period. They regularly send activities or worksheets that keep kids occupied happily and effectively. Overall I feel, I'm part of the school too, and happy that I chose Vivero. - Roshini Chinta, Mother of Yodha & Yukth Rakuri , Nursery and CC Junior

Ramesh R - Madhapur - Parent Testimonials

I am very happy my children are in Vivero Madhapur. The school is very good in all aspects. The location is good, the cleanliness is amazing. The teachers are the best. I have been seeing the videos of my kids and the effort being put by the teachers needs to be applauded. They are very friendly and take the best care of my kids. I am going to recommend this school to all my friends. - Ramesh R, Manager, Deloitte

Aditya C - Madhapur - Testimonial

I am really happy with how my child is cared for at the day care. Overall a good job by the teachers and support staff. I know Aditya is experiencing a homely atmosphere at Vivero International. I am grateful for all your support in bring up my child and hope you’ll continue the great work. - Namita Chettri, Analyst, JP Morgan