Whitefields - Kondapur - Parent Testimonials


My son Likhith Aryan Gunuru, is a part of Vivero Childcare and Preschool and our experience has been great. We would like to thank the entire Vivero team for their continuous care, support and most importantly, their patience. Likhith joined Vivero as an infant when he was 8 months old. Now he is in K1 and CC-Senior. The way the teachers and support staff take care of him gives us an assurance that he is in a safe and secure environment.
Thank you.
- Pratima Kotana, Tech Lead, HSBC, Hyderabad, Parents of Likhith Aryan Gunuru (CC-Senior, K1)


My child, Ivanshi Chawla, is in CC-Senior. I am very happy to have enrolled her in Vivero Childcare. I have seen a tremendous transformation in her. She has started analyzing and correlating things from different angles, and her observations and reactions are truly magical. She loves going to Vivero more and always looks forward to the different activities.
Thank you so much to all the teachers and Vivero! ❤️
- Kriti Maini, Consultant specialist, HSBC, Hyderabad, Parents of Ivanshi Chawla (CC Junior)


It has been a great experience to be part of Vivero International. My daughter Anvika, has been a part of Vivero childcare since 3 months and she is enjoying and having lot of fun. Food and other activities are extremely good and she is always exuberant to go to school. Special thanks to her teacher for guiding and taking care of children. I believe this is the best place to leave children without any hesitation.
Thank you Vivero.
- Minakshi Tatipamul, Software Engineer, HSBC, Hyderabad, Parents of Anvika Karre (CC Junior)


We got to know about Vivero from a neighbour whose child was a student at Vivero.
Siya is a shy kid who is still figuring out ways to comprehend and communicate with strangers. We are thankful to the staff that has not just helped Siya but also made her feel at ease.
Throughout our journey so far with Vivero I have not encountered a single incident where I had to reach out to the staff and share any unhappy feedback.
Siya wakes up on Sunday and asks us to drop her to school; the sense of satisfaction this brings to us as a parent is not comprehensible. She loves her teacher and her classmates and talks very highly of them even with relatives.
Every time I reach out to the School Head, seeking assistance with Siya's socialising skills, she has been extremely kind and patient.
When Siya started communicating with her teacher at school; the first time she spoke, I received a call from the teacher while I was at work and the excitement and happiness with which she informed me about the incident was a reflection of how personally she was taking care of our little girl.
We are looking forward to joining Siya’s brother Rian as well in the future.
My heartfelt thanks and love to each and every member of the Vivero team at Kondapur.
- Alekhya Rao D, Scrummaster, Realpage, Hyderabad, Parents of Amrutha Siya Danthuri


My son Adhvik is in CC-Junior. It was a wise decision that I have enrolled my son in Vivero, the way the teachers look after the children is so good that I feel relieved that he is in good care and I can give 100% at work. My son is also happy to go to school and loves to be with his friends.

Thank you Vivero for looking after my child! 😍
- Sukrutha Balla, Senior Systems Administrator, HSBC, Hyderabad, Parents of Adhvik Sukrutha (CC Junior)


My son Dhruv, has been part of Vivero (K1 grade) and our experience has been exceptional. Vivero brings out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths, while creating an environment of kindness, responsibility and leadership. The teachers are truly invested in my child's education and growth as learners. Small class sizes and levelled learning have enabled my child to gain confidence in his learning abilities. This allows for a lower student to teacher ratio, giving children more confidence when asking questions, engage in group activities and opportunities for one-on-one time with teachers. My son is always excited to go to school and special credits to his teacher who is very energetic, lively and patient. I've never worried about my son while he's under their care and guidance.

Great school, Great Team!
- Seema M, Consultant Specialist (HSBC) ;Abhilash Nair, Sr. Software Specialist ( Kyndryl Pvt. Ltd.) , Parents of Dhruva Nair


Thanmaya joined Vivero family at the age of two and half in pre nursery. Considering the close proximity, infrastructure and other features that a parent would expect from a school, we decided to join her in Vivero. And today I feel that, it was one of the best decisions we made for our child. The way Vivero has set their curriculum imparts to overall development in a child from a very young age. The improvement and the transitions were really overwhelming. Talking about the online classes during the pandemic; we would give a major credit to her teacher (Ms.Raji Mam) for the efforts she has put in to keep these 4yr old children sit attentively, involve each child equally, encourage everyone to proactively respond and teaching them to wait for their turn patiently. Vivero's curriculum is actually advanced and has a beautiful blend of academics, practicals, craft activity, culinary, extra-curricular activity and sports. Vivero has also facilitated the teacher-parent communication and children friendly library through online applications like illumine and Epic.
It really gives immense pleasure to see our child happy in the school and the special bonding she has with her teacher and friends. It was a beautiful journey so far and looking forward for more happening moments.
- Jinson Peter & Ancy Herbert, Parents of Thanmaya Maria Jinson, iLearn K1

Vihaan - Parent Testimonails - Kondapur

Vihaan has been at Vivero from the beginning. Compared to other schools, I’ve found the program to be very well thought out, with a little bit of everything to make sure the children maintain their interest.
It feels like a very cozy & secure environment, with limited children in each class, a good teacher to student ratio, and good support staff.
They have enough play time, a lot of variety in terms of karate, music, dance, painting and more.
A special mention for his teacher, Ms Raji who he is very fond of. He looks forward to the daily classes, and it’s a very enjoyable process to see him in class. I don’t mind being late to work just to sit with him in class. Can’t miss the chance to build some unforgettable memories.
Vivero is a great combination of all that you really need in a preschool.
- Ankita Shah & Tanay Shah, Parents of Vihaan Shah, K1

Daiwik - Parent Testimonials - Kondapur

We are blessed to have our child at Vivero International Preschool. I am grateful for the loving care that vireo staff shower on him.
The genuine affection that staff show the children at the school truly makes Vivero a second home. It is supporting very well with ilearn to continue learning even in the pandemic situation, as early years are crucial for the child. Children participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, thereby enriching their lives.
Special thanks to Raji teacher and school management.
- Manju & Naidubabu.T, Parents of Daiwik Tamadapu, K1

Ayaansh kondapur parent testimonials

Ayyansh had been going to Vivero since he was 16 months old. Recent online classes due to the lockdown constraints were surprisingly interactive and were managed quite well. The information related to the resource list is always sent on time. My child is fully engaged and we feel that he is achieving the desired learning outcome. As always, I am quite delighted to see ‘Vivero’ rising to the occasion and demonstrating how it is well equipped to handle adverse situations like this and provide a conducive learning environment to the children amidst such challenging times. We are proud today that we are a part of the Vivero family and look forward to a long term and happy relationship. - Susmitha Sagi, Mother of Ayaansh Varma, PITP

Komal Kondapur Parent Testimonials

I am writing this testimonial with lots of love and gratitude for all the support and great services that Vivero has provided for my daughter since the time she joined Vivero. As working parents, it became easy for us as Vivero offered a balanced environment with a positive approach. Komal loves these ongoing iLearn@Vivero sessions. Komal has learnt so much and continues to share with us the wonderful and fun activities she does with her teacher each day. We're happy to say she has finally settled down. THANKYOU so much for all the support especially the teacher who has taken care of Komal and made her feel so comfortable. Thank you Vivero for all the support. - Bhanurekha, Mother of Konal, CC Junior

Fatima - Kondapur - Testimonials

Vivero is one of the best child care centres. The online sessions truly encourage my child to participate in all activities. Splendid effort by the teacher. During this pandemic also, to continue the child’s learning is a big challenge. All the activities for children are planned very well. Lots of patience is needed to make children actively involved in online classes. Hats off to all the teachers and the management. - Farzana Syed, Mother of Fatima, CC Junior

Dhruv Challa - Kondapur

We are into the second week of our son’s online childcare sessions' experience and are really impressed by the way the school is conducting the classes. We were a bit apprehensive initially on the ‘online’ school concept for a 2 and half year old, however the way the school management is planning everything and conducting the sessions is truly impressive and has to be appreciated. A special thanks to all the efforts and commitment of the teacher who made the ‘challenges’ of this new way of schooling look so easy to overcome. - Gayatri Govindu, Mother of Dhruv Challa, Child Care Junior

Namishka Ghosh - Kondapur

Women should not be choosing between work and personal life’-it actually came true with Vivero.
When I delivered my baby, I was very nervous about how I would continue my work. But, when I came to know about Vivero, I was relieved. It has been 6 months that my daughter is in Vivero care and the experience I have with Vivero has been amazing. My daughter is not willing to come home after her day at Vivero. If she is happy, we are happy. It is a big relief for me. Life has become much sorted. Thanks to Vivero. It has become our second home. - Sagar & Uttarang, Parents of Namishka , Infant Care

Reyansh Reddy - Kondapur

Riyaansh joined Vivero when he was an infant. It has been almost 5 months now. It is the best place for him and it became his second home. We love this place and the people who take care of him. He also enjoys the food given here. It is very helpful for working women like me. I am glad I am sending my child to Vivero. I trust Vivero. I am a very happy Vivero mom.- Yamini & Sandeep, Parents of Reyaansh, Toddler Care