Bagmane Tech Park - Parent Testimonials

Parent of Ansh Kini

We would want to thank and congratulate the faculty of Vivero for conducting a wonderful sports day for the children.
It was amazing to see the young talents perform in front of the crowd with their parents cheering them from the sidelines.
It’s commendable to see how Vivero emphasizes on the importance of physical and outdoor activities which I believe is a huge contributor to overall wellness of the child.
A big thank you madam to you and your staff at Bagmane for putting in the efforts to make them practice for their sports day!!
It was Ansh’s first ever sports day and he found the experience overwhelming. He refused to perform his part on the ground that day as it was a new experience for him and us. I am sure he will make you and his school proud in the future sporting events to come 🙂
- Ankitha, Parent of Ansh Kini

Parent of Aathi Siddharth

We have admitted our son (who is close to 2 years) to Vivero International School located at Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore. We are very happy with the meticulous care provided by the staff at Vivero. The additional solitariness provided post pandemic times is commendable. We also appreciate the staff at Vivero, who go the extra mile to help our son adapt and settle in comfortably in the new environment. - Prathiba( Texas Instruments), Parent of Aathi Siddharth, Child Care Toddler

Saanvi Nachappa Parent Testimonials

First and foremost, I would like to thank the teachers and staff at Vivero, BTP for taking care of Saanvi. As a parent, I had been anxious about sending Saanvi to a daycare. The first day when we met her teachers I felt at ease knowing that they will be taking care of my daughter.

I had been extremely anxious about Saanvi being able to communicate with the staff as her mother tongue is Kodava thak and she did not have much exposure to English or any other language, the team learnt a few words from our language to communicate with Saanvi. This put me at ease and I saw Saanvi feel better and saw her put her walls down little by little as she was communicating better with the staff.

I would like to thank the teachers for constantly updating me about Saanvi through our initial weeks, as both of us were dealing with separation anxiety. Her teacher is always positive and quick to make me feel at ease whenever l had concerns regarding Saanvi. I would like to thank them for communicating through Illumine and keeping me updated every day.

Saanvi is all praises for the support staff for playing with her and for the food she eats at the daycare. She's excited to come home and tells us about what she's done that day. She would sing "Baby shark" endlessly with actions. She uses English sentences like "What is this?", "What is your name? My name is Saanvi" at home.

She is excited to play "Peek-a-boo" the whole day. Randomly she hides and says "Where is Saanvi?". It's just exciting to see my daughter flourish under your care.

I cannot thank you enough for taking care of Saanvi. It relieves me to know that she's been looked after with love and affection. This is very long testimony as I have a lot that I needed to say.

Please take care of Saanvi in the future as well. Thank you once again!
- Rachitha Nachappa, Parent of Saanvi Nachappa, CC Junior

Reid P Manyata Parent Testimonials

Our quest for a school that nurtures the creativity of a child, without over burdening our son, in the name of preparatory school ended at Vivero. The teachers and staff are friendly and take great care of our son. Also, the flexibility in timings provided by the school is a big boon for us. Added to it, the slow and steady adaptation process for the kid to get used to the school environment, made it a hassle free experience for us. - Swathy U Lal, Mother of Achyuth S Abhishek