Hitech City - Parent Testimonials

Anudeep Reddy - Hitech - Parent Testimonial

Dear Teachers,
Firstly, I would like to say a BIG thank you for taking care of my kid, especially for not making me worried or think about her when I am in office 🙂. Hope you would have understood how confident I feel leaving her at school. This is a big thing for us being an "emotional parents".
I see her growing very fast in all aspects in the past one and half year. I appreciate you all so much managing a stubborn kid. Today, she feels confident, safe and happy in your presence. This is a great achievement for us too. She became more "independent" and some times she reminds us cleanliness and organizing things. This makes us feel very proud of her. We got more than what we expected and are grateful to you all.
Thank you Vivero for giving a great start and we would like to be part of the family in the coming years too. We tried to follow some of your suggestions from the emails sent this week. It helped us engaging Adwiti besides our work (work from home).
- Anudeep Reddy, Father of Adwiti, Pre- nursery (FDPS)

Azad-sumita - Hitech - Parent testimonial

Azad is a happy child and loves to socialize. When he started his pre-school, I was confident that he wouldn’t face any adjustment issues. But, on contrary he had major adjustment issues and would refuse to leave me. I am so glad that I chose Vivero for my son; the entire Vivero team including teachers, staff and the School Head, they not only supported Azad but also me through out during the settling period. I especially want to thank his class teacher and his School head for continuously supporting me and Azad to go through the tough period. I must be perhaps the only parent to have seen how Vivero implement its teaching and learning methods so closely and I wouldn’t want to give a second thought before saying that I am tremendously happy with the warmth, care and affection it shows towards the children. Sending Azad to school is such a stress-free experience as I have seen it and know that he is in safe hands. The weekly notes, activity files etc. are such a delight to see as how my son has progressed over the time. Today, he asks me hundreds of questions, if I ever fail to send him to school he wants to go to school even on week offs. We are so happy to be a part of Vivero family and enjoy each and every engagement activity they do for children and parents. I am extremely satisfied with Vivero and wouldn’t have thought of any other pre - school for Azad.
- Sumita, Parent of Azad, Creator – Woodytalesbysumita

Sai Sreshta - Magarpatta Parent

It has been 4 months since my daughter Sai Sreshta.P joined Vivero International
Initially she had trouble communicating and we were worried about it. However we have seen improvement in this area where as she tries to communicate things with us in English.
I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the good work her class teacher is doing by focusing on our daughter and helping improve her communication skills along with overall growth.
Once again Thanks to everyone. We have a very good reason to refer Vivero to others as well.
Thank you! - Tulasi.K, Parent of Sai Sreshta P, Kindergarten 1

Sabhya Gupta - Hitech City Parent

I would like to share my experience about Sabhya’s teacher. Right from the first day she was patient enough to handle all the kids. I still remember those days when all the kids used to cry together and how she handled each one with all the love and care.
She guided me in those initial days and Sabhya got so comfortable with her. Now a days she tells me,” Mom I want to go to school”.It is so good to hear this from her. She keeps on talking about her teacher and friends all day.
Each time I have noticed a behavioral change in Sabhya I have informed her teacher and she has managed to take good care of her. Sabhya has started talking, singing rhymes, is gaining patience i.e., nowadays she waits for her turn. They are so many positive changes in Sabhya I'm very thankful to Vivero for having such faculties and specially her teacher for taking care of her.

- Druv & Kaushalya Gupta, Parents of Sabhya, Pre-nursery
Rakesh Behera - Cutie From Hitech City

Our association with Vivero is for last 8 months by enrolling my daughter Cuty as an infant for the first time.
Thanks for the warmth and the safe atmosphere provided by the staffs working there. Jyoti madam and other staffs have now become family member for my daughter.
We like the functions organized by Vivero on multiple occasions which help in understanding the rules and regulation along with the new facilities provided and clarifying our concerns and building relationship in a friendly manner.

- Rakesh Behera, Oracle Taleo, Functional Analyst
Shanvika family - Hitech city Parents

I still remember her 1st day of school, were she was hesitating to go to school, she never used to mingle with anyone around her and never used to speak English before. But now she is very much regular to school and we have seen a lot of change in her behaviour. She is participating in group activities, making new friends on her own and sharing her things with friends. Her English speaking skills amaze us.
So I and my wife Priyanka would like to say "Thank You so much" for all your efforts. Because without you this would not have happened.
Thank you & Kind Regards

- Lakshmikanth Reddy, Father of Shanvika, Kindergarten 1

It takes a village. It literally does.
Trying to care for our daughter has been the source of our greatest joy and our biggest concern.
This unnerving duality became amplified when the sum of our generous parental leaves were exhausted. "Which daycare?" was the question that loomed. After evaluating all the known ones around, we chose Vivero and haven't looked back since.
Avani was the littlest human to enroll at Vivero Hyderabad - less than 13 months old then. Thanks to Vivero, she got an inviting and pleasant environment and, most importantly, love from everyone around. Seeing Ms. Jyothi dote over Avani, we knew our daughter will receive the care she deserves and needs.
Ms. Reshmi completed this jigsaw puzzle for us with her reassuring smile and honest follow through. The support staff have been equally wonderful trying their best to follow our numerous anxious instructions.
While we are no experts, we feel that Avani's exposure to learning at Vivero has been a step in the right direction. We could have not provided this learning environment at home. While Avani might not have remembrances of the 9 odd months at Vivero, it'll be memorable for us - a place where Avani found a home away from home, nestled in the security of her teachers and caregivers.
Thank you, Vivero for being the village to us. You have been a world to Avani. :)

- Anu Marisha (Design Engineer, AMD India) & Ankit Kumar (Program Manager, Google India), Avani Aarisha's parents

I would take this opportunity to appreciate and thank the teacher for all the efforts put by her in handling Ansh. Though Ansh is my second son and experiencing all the hardship sending Dheer, my first son to school, I thought it would be easy. But like the say History repeats itself, the entire first week sending him to school was like taking out my heart and that pain is unbearable.He used to cry every single day at home. But his teacher was a blessing in disguise. She is so humble and caring that you feel your child is in safe hands.In a time span of one month, Ansh is happy going to school. He has learnt lot of good manners. He removes his shoes as soon as he comes home, sings rhymes, tells stories and is very cheerful. Thank you to the teachers and Vivero school for all the love.

- Lalitha Dutta, Mother of Ansh, Pre-Nursery

When we admitted our dearest Lila to Pre Nursery, it was with a variety of emotions including being concerned about the facilities, worried about her having separation anxiety and perhaps most importantly racked with doubt about leaving our child in the hands of another person even if it was only for 2 hours!
Having seen first-hand in week 1 and ever since, the love care and attention shown by her teacher has been exemplary. Even our conversations with the teacher have been very reassuring for us. It is early days but Lila is learning new things, she is a bit more ready to try new food and thankfully, she (mostly!) goes to school with enthusiasm.

Thanks to the teacher and her team of helpers for the wonderful start. ☺

- Aparna and Kartik, Parents of Lila, Pre-Nursery

We are so happy that Tahiraa and Mahiraa love going to school so much. When school first started, we were so nerve-wracked. Would they like school? Would they have friends? When they instantly started loving school and going to class, we were so happy. We know that we have you to thank for making our children enjoy going to school each day. From the rooms you decorate to the activities you plan, you have made our children think that school is fun. Everything you do is so important to us, and we just wanted to thank you for it.
And it's been just a month and I can already observe positive changes in Tahiraa's behavior she has become more open and independent.
* she started getting along with other kids
*she greets her friends (hi guys how are you)
*she is getting organized (putting her shoes back after coming back frm school)
*she has started eating by herself
*more clarity in her speech
* she keeps on pointing to shapes (can identify circle and triangle)
*she can count 1to 10
And talking about Mahiraa
* I am so happy, she started communicating (clarity in speech)
*She can count 1to10
*recites rhymes
*enjoys music
*She follows instructions
*she is more happy now
Can't thank you enough

Keeping my fingers crossed for more Growing and happy days coming ahead.

- Rimpy Malhotra, Mother of Taahira & Maahira, Pre-nursery

My daughter Vanya Sri is really enjoying your school since last week.Vanya is learning more about dance than ever before!She started imitating the steps from rhyme videos which I was awestruck & never seen before.She is excited about all the interactive projects you do with the class.

Your efforts are appreciated😊!!

Thank you for creating interest in her and your efforts and depth you put in.

- Madhuri Kishore, Hitech City Parents

It was our first time enrolling our daughter Saanchi in a play school, we were quite nervous, after doing quite a bit of research we chose Vivero with the sole reason that they encourage children to be themselves. The teachers and supporting staff are well trained and they soon made us comfortable. Saanchi is very excited to go to school, and day by day she is becoming more educated and social. As parents we are at ease when Saanchi is at Vivero knowing that she is being cared, safe and in a place that is shaping her future. Vivero has the perfect balance for education, fun and learning. We highly recommend Vivero.
Parent of Saanchi Bachhawat

- Amit Bachhawat, Manager – Novartis