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When I joined Vivero International Pre-school and Childcare, Kalyaninagar in 2019, as a new 'workplace', I was not aware what to expect. Now after being part of the Vivero family for 3 years, I am glad I made the right decision. I received positive support from each section of the school be it the School Head, administration, peer teachers or the support staff. The best thing about Vivero is that every member is treated respectfully and welcomed at the same pace. Our strength is our "Team work and collaboration". At any given situation you can seek help from your colleagues, as they are extremely supportive and cooperative.

Vivero International Pre-school and childcare is a school filled with warmth, creativity, fun, and friendship. It is a place that is willing to implement innovative programs to create meaningful outcomes for each child in a positive way.

At Vivero there is constant encouragement and opportunities for teachers to gain exposure in various fields. The school always looks at providing the teachers with professional development.

I am grateful to Vivero for being able to tap into my potential and giving me the opportunity to grow further in my role as a teacher. I am always given the freedom to share my thoughts on education and work on creating a positive outlook towards learning. Vivero will always be my 'happy place' – a home away from home.

My sincere thank you to Vivero International Pre-School and Child Care for accepting me as part of their organization. I look forward to being associated with this organization for many more years.

- Ms Arwa Chunawala, Mentor teacher & Core teacher K2
Rajalaxmi V - Teachers Testimonials - Hitech city

When I joined Vivero last year, least did I think that it would become my home outside home. As a qualified and passionate Early Childhood Educationist, I was very excited to restart my career at Vivero. Vivero has provided me with a highly professional work environment with a world class standard. Soon I fell in love with the culture of valuing each and every member of staff and treating them with dignity and warmth. The values we would love to instill in our children at Vivero are strongly rooted in our hearts by our seniors and mentors and we model them to our children. Vivero has the finest curriculum, right approach in shaping young children for tomorrow and a warm and welcoming environment. At Vivero, I found myself doing what I love to do, staying true to what I strongly believe in and above all I could see myself as a passionate learner with new opportunities to learn each and every day.
The unconditional love that children shower, the friendliness and warmth in the air, the beautiful and clean classrooms, and truly international best practices in early childhood education, dynamic and compassionate leadership, all of these make me feel fortunate, motivated and excited at work.
I always described Vivero as a “happy place” to all my friends and colleagues and am proud to be a member of Vivero family. I am looking forward to many more years of learning and living at my happy place, MY VIVERO.

- Rajalakshmi Viswanathan, Core Teacher, Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Hi-Tech City
T.Jyothi - Teachers Testimonials - Hitech city

I am working as a school Nurse in Vivero from 2018. I am very happy to work in such a lovely environment. The varied experiences have helped me grow and also added to my confidence.
I have made many new friends and the team is my second family. All my colleagues are supportive and friendly. My school head is warm and guides us to work on new ideas and approaches in delivering responsibilities.
Spending time with children is what I look forward to the most. It gives me immense pleasure to watch children learn, grow and achieve their milestones.
I feel blessed to have finally found a job that I love. I am still growing and learning new things every single day and hope that I am a part of this wonderful family for many more years to come.

- T.Jyothi, School Nurse, Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Hi-Tech City

My Journey with Edvance Group commenced with Serra International Preschools where I joined as a facilitator. This is one organization where I have genuinely felt motivated and empowered as a teacher. The general environment of this place encourages educators to feel aptly supported and ably equipped in our effort to guide and develop the lives of young learners.

My journey continues with Vivero International as an educator and I am proud to be a part of an institution that strives to take eloquent steps to transform our core philosophy and values into effective action. I feel privileged to be an integral part of such a proficient and progressive workforce. Everything we do at Vivero oozes integrity and excellence that is refreshing and essential in our daily duties. Vivero International exemplifies what it means to be an organization that is united under a common mission, i.e. to nurture children into life-long learners and global citizens.

- Fatema Lakdawala, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Aundh

It has been two years since I have joined Vivero International Pre School & Childcare at Aundh, Pune. Having been associated with Vivero International Preschool firstly as a parent and now as a teacher, it has been a blessing for me to be a part of this team. At the time of joining little did I realize that 'family' was the keyword for the Edvance Group. This organization truly feels like being a part of a huge extended family.

I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity as I see myself learning and growing in a positive environment that sincerely prepares the early learning foundation for children. It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of Vivero International Preschool team and hope to be here for many more years to come.

- Smita Ghadge, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Aundh

Vivero has given me the opportunity to be a co-facilitator of knowledge and has paved a new landscape of possibilities of learning and fruitful experiences. The things that I find most satisfying are, the unending prospects of learning, performing out of my comfort zone and the endless love that I receive from the children. Of course the last reason being the first in order. I believe in the beauty of simplicity and the art of making the best of what we’ve got and this organization helps me achieve that. Like a tree that needs just the right place to spread its branches and grow, likewise, I have found a place where I can let my knowledge grow so that my students and I enjoy its fruits. Of the many things I love about the Reggio philosophy, what I love the most is the belief that ‘joy’ is the key to true learning, without joy there can be no learning. I can say that I find that joy to in learning and sharing.

- Stefi Joseph, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Aundh

It’s been almost 2 years of learning, discovering and self-realization since I started working with Vivero. Being with very young minds and exploring their infinite possibilities has been a truly amazing experience for me. These beautiful souls have taught me how important it is to forgive and forget. Interacting and working along with the wonderful co-teachers, didis and School Heads towards a common goal - children, has been very uplifting for me as a teacher. Thank you Vivero for a very fruitful couple of years.

- Aparna Kulkarni, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

I have been working with the Edvance group since Jan- 2016 and I could not ask for a better preschool to teach. I have enjoyed teaching the children as well as learning from them. I am proud to be a teacher here because Vivero is concerned with the growth and achievement of every single child. Edvance is a second home where I feel welcome and appreciated.

- Sapna Prabhu, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

Vivero International Pre-school cares about meeting the overall needs of all its children. Because of this, it believes in providing extensive support, development, and encouragement for all its teachers. Strong teachers beget strong children. At Vivero, teachers are given all they need to develop and perfect their craft, while meeting the needs of the children they are so passionate about. In my first year as a teacher, I have never felt unsupported or alone; there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice.

- Sejal Vaja, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

With being a Vivero teacher for only a couple of months, I have been so amazed and impressed with the organization! I feel connected to my team, communicated to and well informed. The organization is professional, committed to growth and learning, and treats its employees with the utmost respect and enthusiasm. I truly believe in my school's philosophy and way of learning and mentoring young minds. It’s definitely a happy place for me and the children coming here.

- Jovita Alexander, Associate Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

It is rightly said that, “Teachers can teach any profession”. My work experience with Vivero International Pre-school and Child Care has been a rich learning experience. Every day I learn new and innovative ways of teaching. The environment and the freedom to plan engagements for children allows me to grow as an educator. Each day has helped me to evolve as a better person with better understanding of children and their work. The school has always appreciated my hard work and has supported me in evolving in my profession. This makes the school very special to me. If it has given challenges it has also seen that I grow by overcoming those challenges.

- Hershita Chotrani, Core Teacher - Vivero International Preschool & Childcare, Aundh

I have been associated with Vivero International for the last 4 years. I could not ask for a better school to be a part of! I have enjoyed the process of learning and unlearning. I believe every day is a new opportunity to learn and my main goal is to prepare children to be lifelong learners. I feel honored to work with such professional and positive people who give you the freedom to grow. I am privileged to have been a part of the pottery program, thanks to team EDVANCE.
Look forward to many more such years of fruitful association with the organization.

- Naisha Ashar, Core Teacher - Vivero International Preschool and Childcare, Aundh

As I strongly believe in life as a continuous learning process, it is truly made possible at Vivero which gives an opportunity to be creative and flexible in the way I work and to showcase my versatility through its curriculum. I can see myself grow as a teacher each and every day at Vivero. I am really thankful to my cooperating colleagues and understanding Ms. Janhavi Hari who is always there for us, easily approachable and gives a true sense of belonging at our Vivero.
I feel proud to be a part of an organization where everything demonstrates integrity and excellence!

- Deepti Bansal, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Sarjapur

I Ms. Shelley Ghosh academic coordinator of Vivero International Preschool, Sarjapur, had the opportunity to work in Singapore in a Reggio inspired preschool for several years before I joined Vivero International Preschool. I always had a dream to cultivate this methodology in our own children. I’m privileged that Vivero provided me the opportunity to work and nurture our children.
At this point when I look back at my journey in Vivero, it has been truly amazing. This wouldn’t have been possible without our School Head’s support, belief, conviction, and trust in the teachers and her open door policy.
I would also like to thank our curriculum team who encouraged us to implement new ideas and methods in teaching.
A special thanks to our Chairman, Dr. Arun Arora who has always strongly supported us throughout to do our best. Without his strong support, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to publish the “Worlds of wonder” which enables us to present the future poets, writers, and illustrators.

- Shelly Ghosh, Academic Co-ordinator - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Sarjapur

I have been working with Vivero since January 2017. It is a pleasure to be a member of the Vivero family. Vivero is a place where we have freedom to express our ideas and implement our skills effectively. Vivero considers teachers as facilitators. I like Vivero, as it looks more into using the environment to nurture young minds.

- Bhavani Vuppala, Associate Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Mahadevapura

I started working at Vivero from the past one and half years and it's a great experience working at this school. I love the lively environment. Cheerful children add a lot of positivity to my life.
Vivero curriculum is innovative and it provides learning to children in a playful manner. There are learning activities that keep children engaged and focused. There are regular festival celebrations, annual day, sports day and field trips that makes the environment very vibrant.
I have made few good friends at this school. They are very supportive and we work as a team to make a project successful. I look forward to work here for many years ahead!!

- Nimisha Sharan, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Mahadevapura

I , K.Jenitha have been associated with Vivero since June 2017.Throughout my career here the management maintained a healthy and friendly enviroment for children and the Teachers. I really appreciate the benefits and schemes that Vivero provides to its employee for instance employee discount for their children studying at Vivero.
Vivero has given me the freedom in planning and execution of units which is highly appreciable. They value our feedbacks and our Executive Principal Ms.Harpreet Arora and Vice Principal Ms.Shampa are always encouraging and easily approachable.They are always welcome for suggestions.
I would like to have long term relationship with Vivero with higher roles and responsibilites.

- K.Jenitha, Associate Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Mahadevapura

I consider myself incredibly blessed to be a part of a team that not only inspires one to grow professionally but also provides a support system for personal development. Vivero has extended my learning as a Facilitator by giving me the freedom to incorporate my personal skills in a classroom environment. It has also given me an opportunity to explore areas that I've barely considered and helped add another feather in my cap.
I'm extremely proud to be a part of a team that's always evolving with new ideas and initiatives.

- Bhoomika Sripuram, Associate Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Indiranagar

I have been working with Vivero International Child care for 2 years 2 months and have gained a lot of hands on experience all these years. Every day is a new day for me where I get to learn so many new things. I am thankful to the company who supports their employees through various trainings and policies that help teachers in the long run. I am enjoying my classes with my children and looking forward to more days of fun and learning.

- Dhanalaxmi Ragam Chinnappa, Child Care Supervisor - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

I Priyanka Arul am working with the childcare for more than 2 years now. I have to say that I was impressed in how welcoming and open the teachers and staff have been. I am pleased with the center overall; its appearance and the positive learning environment .One of the most important things to me is that the center I work at is conducive to learning and allowing the teachers to grow along with the children. I am happy to say that I have found that at Vivero international child care, I enjoy being with the children, teachers and staff. It’s the one of the best company I am working for and I will be working for many more years.

- Priyanka Arul, Child Care Supervisor - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

I am Pushpanjali Kumari from Vivero International Child Care Center ( Magarpatta). I have been working here since the last 3 years and have learnt so many things. The experience that I have gained working with Vivero Childcare has been tremendous and it has contributed to my overall development as a Supervisor and a person.
The working atmosphere is very good and right from the Center Head, Admin manager, my colleagues and the support staff , everyone has been very supportive and helpful at all times. I love being with the children and every day is a new experience as they keep doing new things every day. I like the trainings that are organized by Vivero for us as it gives us an opportunity to develop our skills and also grow as individuals. The years spent here have been very fruitful for me personally as I have gained a lot of knowledge and have also been able to contribute.

- Pushpanjali Kumari, Nurse - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

I have been working with Vivero for the past 2 years and 7 months and it has been a wonderful journey since I joined. Vivero provides a lot of opportunities and always works towards the betterment of its employees. It has helped me grow as a better person. The various trainings that they provide for the teachers are very helpful. The various HR policies that have been implemented by the company are quite beneficial for the employees.
We work here as a team, support each other and are a family. As we say "home away from home", it is our 2nd home. I always look forward each day to come to Vivero and spend my day with the children.
I have worked with other schools also but the knowledge, love and support I got here is commendable. Looking forward for more memorable years ahead.

- Rosemary Gomes, Child Care Supervisor - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

My association with Vivero International Preschool has been a marvelous journey. The inquiry based learning approach imbibed within the system makes it an outstanding venture in the field of education. Along with factors including the extensive trainings for teachers, I have been intrigued by the method of being able to deliver the curriculum which is child-centric and child-driven along with immense flexibility given to teachers to achieve the planned initiatives and learning goals. I am proud to say that we are committed to shape passionate life-long learners as we are not only fulfilling the academic aspects but also catering to the life-skills which form a major part of the young minds. I am grateful to the entire team and company for giving me this opportunity to be a part of their corporate family!

- Mitalee Vaidya, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

I feel honored to work with such professional and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home amongst the staff at Vivero International Preschool. I felt like a true member of the team from the day I was offered the position. A genuine sense of family re-assured me I am in the right place and I can, in turn, pass that feeling on to my students.

- Priyanka Merck, Associate Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Magarpatta

When we work for an organisation, there are 4 factors that we consider: remuneration, position, location and work culture. It is very rare that one finds all of them at one place. Then, choosing and prioritising remains the best option while joining. However, joining Vivero proved to be the best place to work in with the least compromises. This is my fourth year in Vivero and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The school has not only helped me learn and upgrade myself but also made me a happier person.
The human approach and liberal environment in school helps us to be ourselves and bring out the best in us. In this school, I have discovered different facets of my personality. It has modified my perception about schooling and learning. It has transformed me from an ‘old school traditional teacher’ to a non-conventional and open minded teacher who understands and believes in the Reggio philosophy. It was a very smooth transition into my transformation!. Constant subtle feedbacks and appreciations have brought me a long way in learning. I may have contributed to the school in some ways but I owe to the organisation in many ways!!

- Shabnam Sutar, Core teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Kalyani Nagar

Teaching at Vivero has been an enriching experience. It has given me an opportunity to share my knowledge with the young minds gracefully. I have also learnt some important virtues like patience and sincerity while delivering my lessons. It has helped me believe that a happy mind can make this world a happier place!!!

- Trupti Basu, Curriculum Coordinator - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Kalyani Nagar

Working at Vivero has given me an opportunity to grow! As a Childcare Coordinator I was given freedom to plan activities and engagements based on children’s interest, setting up the classroom and a lot more. The working Environment is so warm and lovely that it never made me feel that I’m coming to work because it made me feel like home. Interaction with parents, children and colleagues has made me a lot more confident.
Vivero allows each child to grow at his /her own pace with so much of love, care and attention .I am proud to be a part of the Vivero family!!!

- Aarti Mahendra Yadav, Childcare Coordinator - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Kalyani Nagar

I have been associated with Vivero International Preschool for many years now and this itself speaks about my attachment with the school. I joined as an Associate teacher as I was new to the philosophy and the pedagogy of the school and considered learning about them before taking a bigger role. Slowly with the right guidance and lots of hard work I saw myself developing into a confident and tech savvy person. The environment and the freedom to plan engagements for children allowed me grow as an educator. Each day helped me to evolve as a better person with better understanding of children and their work. The school provided me with various experiences, to name a few were being an educator to a pre-nursery class, junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten; forming a skit for annual day; documenting children’s learning; parent interactions; planning celebrations. Various educational workshops held by the school cultivated a bigger picture of early years learning processes and has no doubt helped me to understand wholesome development of children.
The school has always appreciated my hard work and has supported me to evolve in my profession and that makes the school so special to me. If it has given challenges it has also seen that I grow by overcoming those challenges. At this point I would also like to thank my mentor, leader, guru, and definitely a very good counsellor Ms. Barkha Gulani who helped me to extend and stretch my capabilities to become a better planner, colleague, team player, educator and last but not the least a better person. Currently I am the Academic Coordinator of the school and a Senior Core Teacher with Senior Kindergarten class. This speaks volumes of my growth in this school and I love each day of mine being spent in school with children trying to make learning exciting and enjoyable.

- Anupama Dube, Academic Coordinator & Senior Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

The Two Month life and more.. 61 days at Vivero has given birth to the child in me. Helped me learn discipline with myself and taught me the biggest lesson “Patience and Tolerance are the keys to Success”. The aura of this school created by the children, the teachers and the supporting staff is truly something every individual should experience once in a lifetime. Right from the day I made my first appearance as a music teacher in the class rooms, the children welcomed a new face with utmost love and warmth and made sure that they see me in their class again and again to spread the joy of music as a celebration of life.
To sum it up life at Vivero is truly a blessed one where the school believes in nuturing the life of children but in turn also helped me to nuture my life not only as a teacher but also an individual. Thank you Team Vivero and Cheers to many more days, months and years !!!!

- Fareeda Baria, Music Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

The children are the best part of being a teacher”. Teaching Spanish at Vivero is the best job and I enjoy taking the challenge each and every day teaching children a foreign language. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see children teaching their parents what they have learnt in school. The enthusiasm in the children’s eyes to learn Spanish so eagerly is my biggest reward and thank Vivero to give me this opportunity to spread this happiness. Gracias!

- Jaee Sonalkar, Spanish Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

Every day, I ask myself a series of questions: ‘Are the children excited about learning? Do they feel like a valued participant during the inquiry? Are a variety of strategies and evaluations being used in the discussions? Then I adapt my style to the changing dynamics of the classroom. My idea on growing and learning with children is an ongoing process which is well supported by the Vivero family. It’s been nearly five years and being here only gets better by the day!

- Jasleen Arora, Mentor Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

This has been an amazing journey. I came here 3 years ago and I have learnt a lot from the students as well the organization. Vivero acts as a tool to help us ensure that children reach their potential. I appreciate the freedom and kindness which Vivero gives to their teachers. I feel humble and proud to be a part of worthwhile teaching. It’s a great place to work.

- Ushna Vora, Associate Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

It is my pleasure to be a part of Vivero International as a Core Teacher for K1 class. The cheerful environment and faces around leads to a very positive working atmosphere. Being my first month at Vivero International, it feels great to work with the teachers who are always more than happy to help and guide me when required. Not forgetting the children- the precious gems who have their own shimmer and light up the day for all. Their excitement for learning new concepts and solving their doubts helps me to come up with innovative ways to teach them better thereby helping me to learn as a teacher as well. Teaching at Vivero International may not have been my first teaching experience but it has been the best teaching experience.

- Volice Deniz, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

Vivero is an amazing place. I am lucky to be a part of Vivero. The best part of the school is that teachers are given liberty to express their views and ideas and implement it. Every day I feel it’s a learning experience for me as it makes an impact on my ability to communicate and build my confidence. I have gained knowledge and groomed myself with the help of senior teachers. The staff has always been supportive in developing my teaching skills. I have grown professionally in the 3 years of journey at Vivero. Looking forward for more challenges to grow further in this field.

- Falguni Barot, Associate Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

I am happy to say that I love Vivero for its uniqueness of working with teachers by focusing more on their positive strengths. The trust Vivero shows in me and my teaching is what makes me believe in myself. As I am a peaceful person who believes talking and sharing views sort a whole lot of things, this school helps me to work peacefully on those things. Yes there have been many challenges and problems that I faced personally and professionally at school but I am proud that the school knows me so well that each time they heard me and stood by to support me.

- Jyoti Pujji, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

It has been a roller coaster ride for me since the day I joined Vivero International pre-school as a core teacher for the pre nursery level. Personally, it was like rediscovering myself in terms of testing my tolerance, patience, flexibility and also my abilities to meet the expectations of parents, school authorities and most importantly the children. During my tenure as a teacher, I realised that to stand out as an efficient and effective teacher, it’s not enough to just be in love with children. To be able to make a difference in their early learning experiences, one needs to plan appropriately for learning, organize materials, prioritise ideas, interact with children and assess as per individual abilities and interests of the children are integral to being a teacher. Thanks to the concept of ‘Inquiry based learning’ which is synonymous to Reggio philosophy, Vivero has urged me to imagine from a child’s point of view and ask myself one question - What is it that I would like to see in my classroom when I enter my class today?

- Preetha Majumdar, Senior Core teacher - Vivero International Preschool & Child Care, Powai

It has been an amazing journey and I love every minute of it with children. I love the flexibility of planning my engagements according to children’s interests. Every day I look forward to come to school with the same enthusiasm. I remember coming to school twice on holiday. I love the positive energy in children. Their eyes looking forward to learn new concepts, waiting for new stories, enjoying calendar routines and class duties. Our school philosophy has allowed me to penetrate walls in my mind. “The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being ateacher is that it matters everyday” – Jodd Whitaker

- Rekha Choudhari, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Powai

Teaching at Vivero has been a great experience so far. It has encouraged me to learn and study more about children’s rights and their behavioral abilities. I look forward to learn more from my students and my colleagues as I believe sharing knowledge and learning is never ending. I would like to conclude with one of the famous quotes from Early Childhood Education – “I observe you, and while I observe you, I “capture” you, I interpret you. But at the same time I also modify my own knowledge. So observation is not only an individual action but also a reciprocal relationship. It is an action, a relationship, a process that makes us aware of what is happening around us.” - Loris Malaguzzi and Carlina Rinaldi

- Hardika Jaipuria, Core Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Koramangala

My experience at Vivero has been very fruitful and exciting. Vivero is a great place for enthusiastic and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge and let their talent prosper in a positive working environment. At Vivero, everyone is treated with love and respect and I am thankful for the support provided by my seniors. We are recognized for the value we bring to the organization and are consistently given opportunities to learn additional skills. I am very happy to be a part of an organization that helps me grow and enhance my skills and would love to have a long term relationship with Vivero.

- Gayathri Suresh, Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Koramangala

Vivero International, Koramangala has been an amazing experience for me. This organization has not only provided me with the opportunity to pursue my teaching career, but has allowed me to experience a new culture and way of life. This experience has allowed me to put my teaching skills into practice while engaging in a rich culture. Vivero’s curriculum is organized to foster the learning experience of all children at any level and allows teachers to explore their teaching creativity to ensure a quality education for every student. As a teacher, I am extremely happy to be working for an organization that inspires learning growth and creativity and challenges students to rise to their full potential in a warm and caring learning environment. Throughout my experience, I have received wonderful support from the parents who continue to contribute to the greater school community. This will truly be an experience I will never forget!

- Ziba Shariff, Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Koramangala

I love Vivero because it has given me the opportunity to explore, learn and enhance my teaching experience. It has given me the platform to grow spiritually and socially. Vivero's Reggio methodology of teaching helps every child learn and explore the environment in a very unusual and beautiful manner. I would recommend not just children joining the school but also would encourage more teachers to be a part of this noble profession in an exemplary institution such as VIVERO! :-) I am proud to be working with Vivero International Pre-School

- Roopa R, Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Koramangala

As Malaguzzi once said, “Learning and Teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by; instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. At Vivero, we as teachers learn something new every day from every child. We have the opportunity to listen to both the spoken and unspoken languages of Children. It lets us respect the individuality of students and believes that every child has rights. Vivero gives us the freedom to not just teach, but to facilitate creative learning for Children. The work environment comprises of enthusiastic, like- minded people, all of who are working towards a common goal- Quality Education for lifelong learners. I feel really Blessed to be part of this “Reggio Inspired” organization with such strong values.

- Nadia Dsouza, Mentor Teacher - Vivero International Pre-school & Child Care, Koramangala