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In line with our purpose we strive to create learning experiences and environments thatnot only support emerging skills in reading, math and science but also the 21st century super skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and character. To foster these skills we have integrated a few of the following initiatives into our curriculum:


Entrepreneurship Programme:Our Childpreneurs initiative has been interwoven into the curriculum to help build the foundation of essential entrepreneurial skills that will help children lead successful, fulfilling lives. The initiative focuses on building skills like resilience, decision making, money management etc.
Civic Management:Our programme motivates children to become active members of the society as they understand their roles and responsibilities. Teachers facilitate projects and engagements that help develop knowledge, skills and values in children. The purpose is to prepare 21st century citizens who will make a difference to their community.


Creative Writing:Children at Vivero are encouraged to express themselves in various ways. “Creative writing” is one such form where the teacher facilitates the creative expression of the child to enable children to imagine, create, innovate, express, illustrate and much more.
Culinary Programme:Our Culinary Programmeintroduces young children to nutrition education, dining etiquettes, food sanitation and healthy food habits. Giving them plenty of opportunities for enhancing science, math and fine motor skills while exposing them to different cultures and new experiences.


Leadership Programme:Our Leadership Programme is integrated into our units of inquiry. Teachers design activities and engagements to enable childrento be challenged, form and maintain relationships and be self-motivated.


Foreign Language Programme:We provide our children with an opportunity to learn a foreign language. Learning a new language is the best way to increase cultural awareness, understand and appreciate language nuances and enhance a child’s ability to communicate in today’s globally connected world.
Student led Conferences: In this format, the children and teachers prepare together and then children lead the conference while teachers facilitate. The children comprehend and reflect upon the concept and take the parents through their learning journey.


Elementary Coding:Vivero JuniorPro is integrated into our pre-school curriculum such that our children not just learn and use languages to instruct the computer but alongside learn life skills like problem solving, collaboration, logic, math and much more.
Digital Portfolios:Child driven digital portfolios have been introduced to capture all the work done by them in the Tech Studio. Thus empowering children to independently document what they are learning at school and share it with teachers, parents and classmates.
Digital Citizenship:We integrate and use technology to improve learning outcomes in our classrooms. The Digital Citizenship programme enables children to use digital media in safe, responsible and effective ways by ingraining DQ skills.