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We believe in nurturing a love of learning through exploration and discovery. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, our thoughtfully designed & spacious preschool at EGL, boasts of a 2000 square foot facility that sparks children's curiosity and empowers them to become confident learners. This centre is a world of wonder, meticulously designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. Light-filled spaces, open areas, and flexible furniture allow children to move freely, explore their interests, and engage in project-based learning.
At Vivero, your child's well-being is our top priority. We maintain the highest standards of safety, security, and hygiene, creating a healthy and nurturing environment. Our dedicated staff is CPR and first-aid certified, providing constant supervision and vigilant care for all children.
We believe in the power of collaboration hence building strong relationships with parents is paramount. Through open communication, regular updates, and engaging events like parent-teacher meetings and open houses, we work together to nurture your child's unique strengths and interests, fostering a supportive learning community. Learning extends beyond the classroom walls. We celebrate diversity and foster a sense of community through planned events throughout the year. Cultural celebrations, family gatherings, and seasonal events create lasting memories and connect children with their families and the wider community.
At Vivero, we believe in fostering a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see how our unique approach can empower your child to become a confident and curious explorer!

Ms. Monika Alwin – School Head

Monika brings over six years of extensive experience in the early years learning and care sector. She started her career as an Educator, igniting her passion for Early Childhood Learning. As a Coordinator, she excels in managing and training a diverse team of teachers, infusing her work with unwavering enthusiasm and a genuine commitment to educational excellence. Her leadership style is characterized by a supportive and collaborative approach, fostering a positive and productive working environment.

Her proficiency is reinforced by a Business Management Diploma, making her adept in operational matters. Her profound dedication to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for young learners is also driven by her personal experience as a mother. Monika understands the importance of a supportive and engaging early learning environment and she strives to cultivate such an atmosphere in her professional role, coupled with her passion and expertise, she is an invaluable asset to the early education community.