Event - Mahadevpura

Back to School

Vivero International Pre-School and Childcare at Mahadevapura, Bangalore held their first 'Back to School' event with an adventurous twist on a Saturday morning in July 2019.
Based on the grand theme of 'adventure', the activities were prepared and arranged to also aid in the development of physical and mental skills. It was a day filled with a series of thrilling games and engagements. Parents thronged the school premise and were seen happily participating as they set about trying to reach their final destination through a sequence of adventures. Hidden clues, tricky-riddles, tunnel-crawls, interesting puzzles and curious maze-walks kept one and all actively engaged. Keeping in tune with Vivero's specialized coding program designed for pre-schoolers, some 'Cubetto' related games were also featured at the event. All in all, it was heartwarming to see parents enjoying the day as much as their children. The day wrapped up with a final puzzle that brought everybody's attention to the Vivero tagline; THINK, LEARN, INQUIRE.

Planting sapling and Cleaning the Lake

Every individual can make a difference.
This week K2 children were learning about 'Making a difference in our society and surroundings'. Children were involved in discussions about the various problems and issues that we face in our surroundings. What are the things that makes them unhappy when they move around outside on the road??!!
Be the Change!
We don't have to wait for anyone to make a change, we can make a difference ourselves. So we decided to go to Chinnahannapalli Lake park to clean it and plant more saplings.
Children were super excited and were really looking forward to it. Upon reaching the place they took the responsibility of cleaning the surroundings of the lake. They picked the garbage and then moved on to planting the saplings. They dug the mud with the help of the gardener and planted the saplings and watered the plants too. All this work made them hungry too, so they sat down for the picnic. They also got the chance to play in the park. It was great to see that they did comprehend the fact that we should keep our Earth clean and plant more trees to save our Earth.

Fire Drill

A fire drill is a method of practicing how a building would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergencies. Vivero, Mahadevapura conducted a Fire drill on 17th July to practice and understand the evacuation process in case of an emergency.

Yoga Day Celebration

Yoga is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. So to celebrate International Yoga Day, our children were given basic information about YOGA and the benefits of it, and they were involved in performing few basic asanas.

Waste Management

The major purpose behind proper 'waste-management' is to protect the environment besides the obvious reasons of health and safety of the population. As part of the curriculum, K2 children of Vivero International, Mahadevpura initiated a project to find out if 'waste-management' was being done effectively or not as this is usually under our control.
The awareness drive took place at school but it actually began at the children's respective homes. Children reportedly went around in their apartment complex trying to find out what is done with the garbage/waste; after which they investigated at school to see if waste management was being done properly. As " Waste management Detectives" they went around the school, interviewed caregivers, educated them about the importance of sorting and segregating waste. They even went on a cleaning drive in and around the school, posted placards, made dustbins with messages on the topic. This was a critical civic-awareness topic that the children learnt first-hand and it was evident that each one of them had understood the seriousness of the situation when they voluntarily took the initiative to share the learnings and implement correct processes in their own little ways.

Bambi - Movie Night 2019

Movie Night at Vivero is always a Super Hit affair!.
At Vivero, a movie night event extends well beyond its entertainment factor and encourages the parent-child bonding in the school environment while watching thoughtfully selected movie titles in a relaxing ambience complete with the quintessential tub of buttery popcorn.
This time around we selected the all-time favourite Disney gem - Bambi and his friends. The Movie-goers were greeted by a staged 'Bank of Vivero' and the 'Ticket - Box Office Counter' specially set up for the children as they entered through a metal detector for a full-on multiplex experience. The main theatre was filled with cushy, low-seating with a big screen at the front. The movie itself kept the children and the parents fully engrossed with its heartwarming theme of love, family and friendship.
The fun factor for the evening were the unexpected real-life pet rabbits, tattoo artists, balloon-sculptors and the Bambi-themed photo-booth. As much as we enjoyed hosting the movie night it was a super-duper successful event as declared by the children and parents themselves.

Winter Carnival 2018

Come winter and we all envision a roly-poly Santa Clause as he arrives with his customary squad of red-nosed reindeers and a shiny sleigh laden with gifts for all!
Well, that was exactly what we set out to create at our picturesque Winter Wonderland event in December at Vivero International Pre-School, . Ho! Ho! Ho! boomed Santa as he greeted every child and parent at the event while the entire place appeared to have sprung out of the page of a fairytale in the North Pole, complete with snowflakes everywhere. The school was ready for the much awaited Vivero Winter carnival - Walking in the Winter Wonderland with Christmas trees, igloos, snowman, brightly lit photo booths, the option to camp out in the snow and heartwarming music in the air.
Amusing games and engaging activities set the tone for the entertainment that the evening promised. A gigantic Bouncy Castle and a mesmerising Magic Show delivered an evening filled with merry-making and fun followed by a wide range of mouth-watering snacks that were prepared by our very own Vivero Chefs at the Jingle Bell cafe.
Did it just end at this? Well not quite! The spirit of cheer in December also comes along with the inherent joy of sharing and giving. The Giving Tree project was a campaign created and driven by our K1 children in the aid of the Cheshire Old Age home. This was a conscious donation drive which was received warmly and executed with great success.