Event - Whitefields - Kondapur

Annual Concert

‘Children of Vivero-Hyderabad put up a wonderful performance for the Annual Concert on 15th Feb 2020.The theme for the concert was ‘Elementos De Tierra’! -it was about the five elements of nature and how we need to protect our mother earth for a clean and healthy environment. The children were dressed in bright and vibrant costumes. They danced and swayed to the lively music and enthralled the audience. Parents and grandparents alike cheered and encouraged our little performers. Children’s art-work and beautiful moments of the year that went by were displayed at ‘Galeria de Art’ and ‘Galeria de Reflection’ area. It was indeed a memorable evening!’

Winter Carnival

With Christmas around and chill in the air it was time for some winter fun. Vivero schools in Hyderabad came together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with great enthusiasm and at the Hi Tech centre. There was an amazing energy in the air with many fun filled activities, stalls for food, clothing, toys and stationery. Games were played with a wintery twist. The lovable Snowman was well fed with snowballs in the game ‘Feed the Snowman’. Children were excited and happy to take home their little versions of Snowflakes and ‘Sand Art in a Bottle’. Santa Claus was the main hero of the evening as he handed out gifts and sweets to children, while enchanting melodious music played in the background. The bright faces and happy smiles were ample proof that the Carnival was a grand success.

Childrens Day

Children’s day-A day dedicated to pamper them some more! Vivero Kondapur celebrated this special day for all the children. They came dressed in their colourful party attire. Children had lots of fun dancing, playing games and doing fun activities.

High Tea Session

Parents were invited for an afternoon ‘High-tea’ session. These sessions provide a great opportunity for parents, teachers and children to interact with each other. Children enjoyed showing their parents their favourite toys and books at the center. The parents played games and activities in partnership with their children. The Vivero photo booth was their favourite. It is a great way to get involved and familiarise them with their little ones surroundings. We appreciate these times to chat with parents about their children and their development and also take their suggestions or comments.

Fire Drill

A fire drill is a method of practicing the evacuation of a building for a fire or other emergency. Usually, the time it takes to evacuate is measured to ensure that it occurs within a reasonable length of time. Vivero-Kondapur conducted a fire drill on 23rd October 2019 to practice and understand the evacuation process.